One More Try...Board Games, Anyone??


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I'm trying to come up with games that can be played at park tables for prizes as part of a big fundraiser. Evidently nobody
plays backgammon or checkers. What about a custom game of bingo?
Any ideas about that....or chutes and ladders .....or? or? DDD


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How old are the people playing the games?

Sorry? Life? Pictionary?

You can get custom bingo cards here:

I use to have tons more info on games etc. I'm not sure if this link helps, but its for carnival planning, amount of prizes needed etc.

A few great places to purchase prizes for younger kiddos are:


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Bingo would be my choice. I think an outdoor venue and card or board games is almost looking for disaster considering winds pick up and game pieces/cards go flying far too easily. If you need other games, I would look at those that have few moving parts and definitely no paper pieces. Chess, backgammon, maybe checkers, Chinese checkers, Twister (!) are games that come to mind for the outdoors.


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I like the Twister idea - or Jenga. That is always crazy fun. Or Yahtzee and Battleship - those are not paper intensive and fun for all ages.

Good Luck!


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We have adults (and big teens) who are going to be competiting
in BIG canoe races from about 9 to 3 on a Saturday. We have
people to cook hot dogs, hamburgers etc. to sell. We have drinks
covered. We want people to stay at the park and spend money AND
have fun. There will be families with children and probably quite a few old people as our location has an older population.

I'm sorting through ideas and I thought of having tables set up
under big tents with competitive games of backgammon, checkers,
??? with prizes being donated gift certificates. I just can't
quite grasp how to "oversee" strangers playing games. In life..
there are difficult child cheaters as well as difficult child children. Obviously, the
organization wants everything to be nice and happy! LOL!

We are thinking of a waterballoon contest based on approximate
age group. That should be fun and easy.

We are thinking about having a dump truck load of sand brought
in and then having a sandcastle building contest by age. Hmmm.
Don't know if difficult child kids would start throwing sand! Bummer.

Thinking about having a 50/50 "Boatload Bowl" where tickets are
sold and then every hour a number is drawn and 50% of the $$'s
are given away and the other half goes for the cause.

We have a clown group coming (I hate clowns) who
will do face painting.

We are giving away pith helmets and then there will be prizes
given to those who paint their pith best (age divided, of course).

Phew/Whew! All we need is some table games so people don't leave early! DDD

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I like Bingo, yahtzee, Racko, Trouble, Parcheesi, Pictionary, Don't Spill the Beans, Ice Cubes, Pick up Stix, Kerplunk, Scrabble, Sequence, Operation, Game of Life, Trivial Pursuit, Puzzles of various sizes, Cherrio, TriBond, Balderdash, Fact or Crap. Those are just SOME of the games clogging up difficult child's closet! Haha - We've donated so many games to the local daycares over the years too, it's not even funny.


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Have you ever played Battle of the Sexes? They have a different version out called Kids Vs. Grownups. Very fun!

What about a crafts table? Or a palm reader?


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How about egg or balloon tossing, 3-legged races, sack races? Typical old-fashioned picnic games. People love to stay and cheer those kind of things. A cross-country run for those who have the energy? A treasure hunt done in pairs or families? And Bingo for the old folks.


Scattergories is a favorite at our amily picnics. Fact or Crap was fun as well. Trying to look at my self to see what else we do. You could get some puzzles (50 pieces) and have a contest to see who can do them the fastest.


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We were all excited one time to do the "duck races" at a festival.

We didn't know what it was either ~ but it just sounded kind of cool.

What it turned out to be was rubber ducks. Like the kind you put in a bathtub with a baby? You bought a duck for a dollar. Each duck was numbered. You could buy as many as you liked. At race time, those ducks coming in first, second, third and last won prizes. It was sort of goofy and crazy, but all ages participated and everyone got to cheer their own duck. (The ducks were released into a canal, so there was a current.) I don't know whether you could do exactly the same thing ~ but if you could come up with something similar, that might draw people in and get them to stick around for the races.

This worked well for both the elderly and the very young, as it required no skill other than cheering the ducks and waiting to see whether the winner was yours or not.

I think they held the duck races at 2 o'clock.

It was the highlight of the day, and that is just how they advertised it in the paper.

And we were curious enough about it that we went!

Bingo always goes over well, too.

What about a parade by the little kids once their faces are painted? Could you come up with balloons and flags (or something glittery) and a boombox and have them snake through the park? And then, each participant gets a free hotdog or something?

You could find tiaras and magic wands and those shiny bowler hats like tap dancers wear in the party section at WalMart ~ or you could simply advertise that the parade will be held after the face painting and invite the parents to dress the kids up for it if they wish to do so.

Every one of us loves to see our own children in a parade!

And that is all I can think of.

Hope your festival is a huge success!

One more idea. At a festival we went to last year, the big event was catapulting pumpkins into the water. It sounds so goofy, but we were pretty excited to see that ~ and stuck around til they did it.


One more idea. You know how little kids love to be read to. One of your areas could be someone reading to the little kids ~ and, if there is a specific time for it, you might find the younger parents sticking around for that.


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As I sit here at work, husband's committee is weighing all the options
for the event. I'm sure the pith helmets are in, the water balloons are in, the 50/50 raffle bowls is in. The board games
and the sand contest are up for decision making. Life is never
dull around here. Thanks again. DDD

I'll give you an update when I know.