One of those "why can't ANYTHING be easy" vents...

Not feeling good at all today. That's OK, Tink is in a good mood. Maybe too good of a mood. She is awfully independent today. Decided that today she would wear her WHITE seersucker babydoll top & shorts. And of course, nothing I said could change her mind. OK, I figure since she is rather easy child as opposed to difficult child today, I will have to just remind her to stay out of the mud and she will be fine.

Well, she made it till 2PM, and then walked in streaked with it. My feeling was, "are you for real?" I asked her exactly what she just did. She smiled at me, knowing full well that she had done exactly what she was not supposed to. Not that dirty clothes are the worst things in the world, her clothes get dirty all the time. The point is, I have been SO sick that I have not been able to tend to my laundry myself, and have had to depend on my mom & dad to do it. The less dirty clothes, the better. And come on, WHITE? Could it BE more deliberate?

Well I told her that she had to stay in for the rest of the day (which I figured would be a punishment to me as well as to her) but she adjusted well. She was making me get well pictures. Aww, how sweet. In between resting, I actually did my dishes and cleaned my kitchen floor. Then I went to take a shower. I gave her the rundown, exactly what she could and could not do while I was in the shower. Otherwise, I would come out to find her drinking the hershey's syrup and eating the Nutella by the spoonful. As I was showering, I reminisced, thinking about how when she was 3 to almost 4, I had to keep her in the bathroom while I took a shower.

I finished washing my stinky body, and shut off the water. I heard clinking in the kitchen. "what are you doing?" I inquired. "making you a sandwich!" Ah jeez, I thought. I walk into the kitchen to find a cheese, mustard and ketchup sandwich. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif "Mmmmm", I say. "But honey, didn't I tell you to say out of the kitchen? " For she did not use the sliced cheese that was already there, noooo, she took the chunk cheese and my brand new grater, and grated the cheese onto the sandwich. And all over the floor. That I JUST. FRICKEN. CLEANED. I ask her to please go get the broom. She gets the broom, and says "I'll do it!" and before I can stop her, she sweeps the cheese UNDER the table. Like, the heavy pedestal parts.


Even on the good days, I can't get a break from the GFGness!

Edit, 45 min later: moved the table to clean the cheese (through gritted teeth) and put the delicious looking sandwich in a baggie to save for later. When I opened the fridge, I see that Tink did NOT shred the block cheese, she opened the Kraft sliced cheese and shredded a corner of THAT. And left it sitting out to get hard and nasty.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi...

I put it all away, and start to make dinner. I promised spaghetti, so I was gonna make spaghetti, darn it.

Even THAT can't be easy, because although I begged her 17,329 times NOT TO MAKE LEMONADE without my help, she evidently did that while I was in the shower too. Telltale sign: lemonade granules ALL OVER my clean stovetop.



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Why is it always funny when its not my kid? Maybe its just how good you are at retelling the story. : )

I'm sorry you're having a rough day today. Days like that are days I head for my comfort food. Hmmmm..maybe thats why my but is so big.

I hope your evening is filled with less GFGness.


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I am so sorry, but I am literally laughing out loud here. Oh, and shaking my head at the same time. Sometimes we call our difficult child Murphy... as in Murphy's Law. What can happen will! Yesterday TWICE she came into the room with ketchup all around her nose and upper lip stating she had a bloody nose. It was all a joke, and I'm always up for something funny. At least she was laughing instead of whining and crabbing. I could easily see my difficult child doing exactly what your's did. And when they're trying so hard to be sweet, kind and considerate, you just can't get too mad.

Keep up your sense of humor! It's obvious it's what helps you survive.


Well, you can bleach white so it will be easier to get stains out than if she were wearing colors. Does that help any?

As for the food on the floor, get a pet. They'll clean up any messes and you won't have to. :smile:

I'm with you, though. I'm having one of those days, too. Frustrating to no end.
Heather - I need a pet Zamboni.

Lori - right after dinner, she went into her room and colored her nose with red marker. "Look ma, I'm Rudolph." I mean WTF.

Stressed - funny you should mention comfort food, as right now I am enjoying a homemade rootbeer float (A&W, mmmmmmmmmmm!)


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This is a easy child moment, but looking back is funny. I called kids and asked them to take the crock part of crock pot out of fridge, put it in base and plug in. They POURED the stew into the base. Big mess, and no stew. Crock pot still works tho.


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I had to laugh at the red marker.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 did her own make-up one day when she was about four. She did a really good job - blue eyeshadow, lovely long black eyelashes, bright red cheeks and lips - all done with felt pens. And it took DAYS to clean off (or wear off). She had to go to Kindergarten looking like that - we had no choice. Teachers would just look at her, look at me and I would say, "Don't say a word. Not one bleedin' word!"

As for laundry issues - it's a girl thing. They will sometimes wear five things during the course of the day, trying clothes on or just wearing them for a little while - then leave them dumped on the floor or in the washing basket. That's when I get them to do their own washing, AND show them how to remove stains. Even difficult child 3, if his shirts get stinky because he didn't wash, or change his shirt, or wear deodorant - he has to splash vinegar on the smelly parts before putting the clothes in the laundry tub. Otherwise, it comes back stinky again.

White seersucker or broderie - I love it, it cleans up so easily. The only exception is Port Macquarie dirt. Port Macquarie is a historic town on the NSW coast, several hours' drive north of Sydney. My sister lives there. The purple/brown dark-coloured volcanic clay soil stains UNBELIEVABLY - her white poodle turned purplish-pink when they moved there and they could never get her white again. You never have white carpets in Port. But if ever you're visiting Australia, do make sure you drop in to Port Mac. Or Coffs Harbour, further north and without the purple mud problem. I've lived in both for some time, love the area.
But Port soil - nasty stuff.

If you have trouble shifting the dirt, get her to rub a damp cake of soap onto the stains. Make her do it - she's got to learn. But maybe wait until you're feeling better so you can watch.


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I know I shouldn't be laughing but it sounds like it would make a good children's book. I can totally understand your frustration and on top of not feeling well no fun at all. Hugs.


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Oh girl!!!!!!! I am so feeling for ya! :laugh:

Really, what is it about our kiddos and us being sick? They try................but, it almost would be easier if they didn't even attempt to help. Sad but true.

I really hope you are feeling better soon. I think I told WynterGrace that as a single mom, I would rather poke my eyes out, than be a laid up sick with my difficult child. Torture!!!!


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Thank you for reminding me why I do not want any more children!

Sorry for the rough day. I am tired just reading it!