One small step towards maturity...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Remember when I had to lend Cory some money so he could get off of probation because of that idiot girl who started harassing them (and really hasnt stopped-they are going back to court the end of the month). Well, he has made his first weekly payment to me!

    In the past, I would have had to chase him down and remind him constantly that he owed me money. This time he kept fretting about the fact that he borrowed this money and needed to get it back to me and as soon as he got any money, he gave me my first payment! Im so impressed with him.
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    Good job Cory!!
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    Wow! Nice...
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    Way To Go Cory!!!

    I love it when our difficult children do something like this...
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    I think its so funny. He and his dad are working together now out of town and staying in the motel room together so when I call I can hear them in the room together. Oddly enough they get along so much better now. I can hear them joking around and Cory will be going out to get something to eat or drink and you can here him asking his dad if he wants something or his dad doing the same...just cool stuff that never happened here when they lived together. But its also funny when I call and they are working on the job. Normally Cory is carrying Tony's phone...I guess because that is the number Mandy would call if she got in trouble. So if I call and want to talk to Tony I have to figure out if I am talking to Cory or Tony because they sound so incredibly alike on the phone! Then when I do figure it out I will tell him to put "daddy" on the phone and he has now finally stopped calling his father daddy on the job so he hollers across the floor "Theodore" (which is what everyone else knows him as). Long story. I just think its completely hilarious to hear him calling his dad by his name...lmao.
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    Janet -
    I think Cory has turned a major corner.
    Not that there won't be some switch-backs on the road...
    And I know it takes two to do this, and not everyone has the opportunity - but when a young man can connect with his Dad in a healthy way, it often provides the basis for other, long-lasting changes.
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    That is great news. Yeah for Cory!! It is so great when a difficult child does the right thing on their own!!!
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    He's a grown-up! It must warm your heart to hear and see him act so mature. I'm always rooting for "our" cd kids!
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    I am so happy reading your post. He's come a long way, Baby! DDD
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    He really has and I know that he is going to do stupid stuff all his life because he is Cory. And he is my son. I will not be surprised if he spends a few more nights, if not longer, in jail again...but that is on him. I just pray for the best.
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    So proud of Cory!
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    Makes the moments he gets it right even more special, doesn't it?
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    Yay for Cory!
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    Janet, how fantastic he started the payments all on his own. And it sounds though working with his dad is going really well. So you've got 1) repayment of debt without demands needed, 2) gainful employment that is working out 3) steady income 4) new relationship standards between him and his father. That's a great combination. He IS growing into quite a man. I know you always tease he'll end up in trouble but something tells me that it won't be severe things if he does run afoul of the law again. I think he's growing up and the lessons he was taught by his parents are coming home to roost in his head now. Gaining pride in his accomplishments will only further drive that mentality into him. Loved this update
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    Great news :)
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    That is so great! Sounds like Cory is really doing well these days. I'm jealous.. still waiting for Youngest to do this with the car payments she owes me. I have to harrass her for them each month... ugh.
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    more interesting news. His job with his dad was pretty temporary because it was hurricane clean up rush jobs and some waiting for another job to get started. well Cory had applied for a labor job here in town about a month ago and he interviewed and got the call on Sunday to start Monday. He had to tell them he couldnt start till Wednesday because he was working out of town. This way he can be home every night. Mandy cant stand him working out of town to be honest. She starts thinking all kinds of awful things.
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    He's growing up into a good man, Janet. You have ever reason to be proud. :)