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    I go Friday (hopefully) to get the results of difficult child's neuropsychologist test. I already know he found a verbal language processing disability with very little verbal short term memory. He did mention that it may not be considered severe enough to get the school to agree to an IEP or 504. I am checking into some other options just in case. Since difficult child does great in the written area I am thinking that an online course may work best for her. My biggest concern is the self discipline she would have to have in order to get herself to do the work. That is something I will have to figure out if and when the time comes.
    If you have experience with online school please let me know what your thoughts are. I thought the best place to ask would be here since most of the kids attending would be in a similar situation.

    I am still going to see if the school is going to be willing to work with me, that and get the advise of both the neuro doctor and my difficult child's psychiatrist. There is a good chance she is also having a problem with ADD/ADHD so medication's may still help in some ways.

    Feedback or thoughts would be appreciated and very helpful!
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    In Florida we have public school courses available online. I know a number of people who had children graduate using the courses alone. Most people use the courses to supplement what is available at the local school or to retake courses that were failed.

    I have used three different online private schools with easy child/difficult child. Two courses were strictly correspondence via a Florida university high school offering. One was the University of North Dakota that could be online or correspondence at that time. The last was Keystone National High School which is probably the biggest resource. by the way I discovered that resource when easy child/difficult child was a Freshman and had to jump thru hoops to get the local school to accept it. By his Senior year, the Counselor "suggested" that I explore Keystone and pulled out a catalog. :D

    Good luck. DDD
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    Hi DDD,
    Keystone is one of the ones I am looking into. Do you know if they count key strokes? I haven't really sat down and read everything, I know they take already earned credits. difficult child won't have too many credits from this year to transfer but all of last year would transfer.
    That to me is huge since some of the required credits have already been met.
    Can you tell me your impressions overall with Keystone? How would you say the classes are hard, easy, just right?
    Is it easy as a parent to follow what your difficult child is doing? Anything you can tell me good or bad would be awesome!
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    Our state has an online high school. I am seriously thinking about it for Jessie for next year. I really don't think the docs will make progress figuring out her back pain and I KNOW that she cannot tolerate carrying a backpack of any kind. Heck, most days she can't WALK around the house - not that she doesn't try, or force herself!

    I hope you find a solution that works. Ask the board of Ed what options they offer - most states now have a free online program.
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    Sorry I can't really give specific recommendations because each of our difficult children (and PCs for that matter, lol) are so different. I only used these courses as supplements to each credits toward graduation locally. It does appear that thousands of kids have graduated from that school itself but that was not my goal. Good luck in your decision making. DDD
  6. I was looking into a online school program possibly. One of my daughter's friends utilizes one and she really likes it. This one is available all over the country in a lot of states and looks really good, they actually interact with teachers and the parent acts as a "coach"
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    I will check it out thanks for the link. I think I have sent away for information to 3 schools so far. I still need to have all my meetings but I want to go into the meetings with options in mind just in case.
    Thanks again.