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    I just wanted to let you ladies know about an online math site that has been very helpful to Jessie and I. She has used it for the last two years for curriculum. It also can be used for tutoring. the site lets you sign in, then pick the math topic you are working on. The adult can set it up to give a certain number of problems per page, max 10 I think. The child works the problems, enters the answers adn can see the grade automatically. It has reviews and tests. At the top of each page of problems is a clear explanation of how to do the work. The topics are broken into small sections, so that it isn't overwhelming.

    I know some of our kids have trouble iwth math, and this program lets you do as many problems per topic as you need to. You can go back to a previous topic as many times as you want.

    You can pay for it directly on the site, or go through ebay and get it even cheaper. BUT even through the site it was one of the least expensive, most clear math programs I have seen.

    Check it out at if you are interested.

    GREAT for Homeschooling OR Tutoring!
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    Thanks for the tip, Susie.

    I am actually considering outright homeschooling Wynter rather than using the online charter school. I have NO idea where to start. Any tips you can give would be wonderful!