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    Yesterday Katie texted me that her biomom needed to go out to job and family services but was physically not up to the walk. (about 2 miles one way) She asked if they gave me gas money if I'd be willing to drive her. Well as it turns out I needed to go out there myself because I was going to talk to the state agency thing about this whole job I said sure, no problem.

    Made me laugh because for months Katie has been trying to prevent her mom and I from having contact with each other. lol

    Sooooooo. I go pick her up. Now biomom and me, well......we've always been friendly, I guess "friends" although not super close due to distance for years. There is no jealousy there, never has been, no hard feelings. She's a nice lady overall.

    Was pretty much like we just picked up where we left off. But then it's always been this way with biomom and me. We've always been able to talk about anything.

    I took her out to welfare, did my thing while she did hers.......then when we were both done asked her if she wanted to do lunch. We went to the nice diner next door. Lunch was a blast.

    I even managed to get a little glimmer at a few things I've been wondering about. hmm Also managed to set biomom straight on a couple of things. Katie dropped using the "I'm dying cuz I have chari malformation" routine with us shortly after she arrived and I called her to the carpet on it. 1. IF she has it (extremely doubtful......she came up with the diagnosis from my bff who actually did have it, although obviously the mild form) it has to be the mild form which is no more life threatening than a hang nail. Moderate to severe forms she'd never made it past the first 6 months of life. But she doesn't have it. I firmly believe that. So I told biomom who has been carrying the guilt of this made up diagnosis on her shoulders thinking her only child is gonna drop dead at any second the truth. Chips can fall where they may, I can't stand someone who tries to gain sympathy through lying and making up dxes. I guess it just hasn't occured to biomom that this child of hers who can manage to get alex disability and even get it for biomom, is so very near death but somehow can't manage to get it for herself. Paaalease. It's because there is nothing wrong with her that way, it's all in her head.

    I'm seriously beginning to believe Katie has munchausen syndrome. I came home and looked it up and she certainly has much of the symptoms/behavior. She also has nearly all of the risk factors for acquiring munchausen's. My jaw dropped when I saw one of the faked symptoms are seizures and passing out......gee, Katie's two favs. I've wondered for quite a while if Alex is a case of munchausen's by proxy.......and worried greatly that she was trying to repeat it with Evan.

    Lunch was a very pleasant outing and I invited biomom to the crochet circle on sunday and she accepted. (ought to make Katie faint clean away lmao)

    Now I also find something else interesting.......... Katie does have an issue that worries me. Her legs swell to enormous size. Lymph edema. I told her to have it checked via the doctor. doctor told her it is from sitting/ laying around all day. She needs to get up and walk during the day to help get that fluid drained from her legs. She did NOT like it when I backed the doctor up. Nor will she walk or move around. Biomom confirmed my suspicion the only time she walks is when M has just gotten paid and there is money to spend. I'm concerned because Katie is ignoring doctor advice and biomom says she is worried because katie's feet and lower legs have been getting a blueish cast to them. I told her she needs to push katie to get to the doctor AND to get up and move before she gets a blood clot. But Katie refuses to go to the doctor for it. hmm........ Also a symptom of munchausen; not getting a medical condition treated so it increases in severity, thereby gaining more sympathy and attention.

    Good lord.

    I also found out that Katie has not taken the kids to the fam doctor in forever. She only takes them to the ER. Hmm. If that means what it meant last time then doctor or NP has threatened cps over something. They have to walk to both places. ER is twice as far as doctor and neither is that close. Know what I mean?? So what's up with that?

    Only I can sit down and have a wonderful, and insightful, lunch with my late husbands ex wife. :rofl:
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    Ahem. Glad you had a great lunch and that it all worked out. Life is strange and you definitely know how to do it right!

    I am so sorry about Katie's lymph issues. She really needs to wear compression stockings. If it gets worse, the skin can crack open and she can get infections. Then again ... maybe she'd go for that. Sigh.

    Thanks for the update. You sound like you're actually doing very well.
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    She is going to kill herself with a blood clot. She is likely trying to get it to be bad enough to get disability from it, as much as the sympathy. Why settle for sympathy when you can get cold, hard cash too?

    It may be time for you and biomom to take M aside and get him to consent to you or biomom making the appts and then letting one of you go wtih him while Katie stays at home. He can give written consent or go with you. There is something wrong with them walking so far to the ER and not going to the dr regularly.
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    Susie, she most likely IS hoping for a blood clot. I've been on her over those legs for least 4 now. Currently she is refusing to go to the doctor at all at present because she wants a new doctor (she is always in search of a new doctor). She won't go to the ER that I'm aware of for herself because they don't believe her. The doctor she has now won't believe her. The last however many dozens of docs she's seen don't believe her. She's flat out been told she does not have migraines by 3 or 4 different docs. I know not a single doctor is buying into the "seizures" because she has never been on seizure medications or been referred to a neuro. Which goes to prove there is no diagnosis of chari malformation because that diagnosis is only made via a neurologist. And the only symptom she has that is real.......she won't see a doctor for. omg

    Terry I've told her about the compression stockings............ enough said.

    It will take a while before I can get biomom on board. She is a nice lady but she is not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to such things. And Katie has really had her convinced she's dying for years. (which of course gets biomom and M to do whatever she wants) This is the first actual conversation I've had with her since Katie was some 13 yrs. It will just take some time. As far as the kids go, our ER is no safer option for Katie than the fam doctor would be........they catch on fast and don't hesitate to act on it. Even if she went to the urgent care (not sure they'd take medicaid) it would be the same thing.

    I won't do the doctor thing with the kids. I won't go that far unless I feel they're in grave danger. I have good reasons for this......and I trust our facilities around here because I know they have no issues dragging in cps if they feel it is needed for whatever reason. It will only confuse the issue of what is going on. M will tell docs whatever Katie tells him to tell them......and biomom isn't much different on that score because she seems to think Katie knows what she is talking about. (don't ask me why)

    I genuinely like biomom. And I'm glad a reason popped up to get us together again. This is what I needed. You think Kayla spills beans? Her maternal grandmother is where she got that gene from. Biomom will help broaden my scope when it comes to Katie and what is going on in that home. She'll be visiting often........I also invited her to the next trip to the GW outlet with a promise of lunch at Golden Corral, her favorite place to eat. She jumped on it. :) Poor woman has been cooped up in that apartment for months.
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    I'm glad you reconnected with her, I think you both needed that (and the kids need that as well).
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    That is more than enough for a new reality show, wow.