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    The Partners in Planning Project at the Research and Training Center on
    Family Support and Children's Mental Health at Portland State University
    is seeking youth to participate in a survey about team-based planning
    services. The goal of the research is to increase youth participation
    in team-based planning. The survey asks questions about how youth have
    been included or not included in team-based treatment planning. We value
    what young people and adults have to tell us about youth participation
    in planning.

    We are looking for youth and their caretakers to fill out a survey who:

    -have participated in team based planning (current or in the last 12
    months) such as an Individualized Education Planning (IEP) team,
    wraparound services, psychiatric hospital discharge team-based planning,
    residential care or in-home team-based services, or other team-based
    planning in the last 12 months to address youth's mental or emotional
    health needs


    -are between 14-21 years old

    This research has been approved by the PSU Institutional Review Board.
    $20 incentive to youth for completing 30 minute survey, and an
    additional $10 to the participating caregiver who takes a survey. We are
    not seeking caregivers to participate without their youth's
    participation (must be a matched pair, or youth only, with caregiver
    consent.) All participation is by telephone or mail. Parent/guardian
    consent must be signed for youth aged 14-17. Please email
    [email protected], or call toll free 1-877-890-7575 to take the survey by
    phone or to have the survey mailed to you.

    Melanie Sage, MSW
    Research Assistanct
    Research and Training Center
    Portland State University