Osteopath vs MD?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Scent of Cedar II, Jan 8, 2008.

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    For anyone who has been reading along with my asthma or whatever it is that is the matter with me, I made an appointment with an osteopath internist. In the North where I am from, there are MDs. I am sure there are some osteopaths, but the preponderance of medical care is provided by MDs or nurse practitioners.

    When I noticed the pages of physicians with OD, rather than MD after their names in the phone book down here, I did some research to learn what the difference is and then, made the appointment with the OD internist ~ an internist being someone who treats only adults over eighteen. (I did not know that before, either.)

    Anyone have experience/opinion regarding OD versus MD provider?

    I am going to do a little more poking around on this, but I think that the osteopathic internist is the way I am going to go.

    Anyone care to share their experiences with osteo versus medical doctors? The research I did indicated that, while osteopaths train differently (and perhaps, less vigorously) than MDs, both must perform medical internships, and must pass the same medical boards in order to practice medicine.

    Thanks! :smile:

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    In my understanding, osteopaths treat the whole person, not just the disease/disorder/symptoms more than is taught in reg medication school. They tend to avoid surgery as a last resort, although this may depend on the given doctor, too.

    OD's are as common around here as MD's.

    I'll admitt, I had ALOT of trouble trusting someone not trained the what we consider the "traditional" way. However, actually, OD's have been around just as long as MD's have. (which is why they're allowed to practice medicine.)

    The family as a whole has been treated by a few OD's. I've found, just as with MD's, there are good ones and bad ones.
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    We've seen a few DO's who have been in practice with MD's. I haven't seen any difference in the way they treat patients. I have been thinking I need to find a doctor for my daughter that looks at the whole picture and doesn't just treat symptoms. I've been thinking a DO, practicing on their own, might be the way to go.

    I will admit I am getting to be uncomfortable with the way most of the doctors we've seen (MD's) practice medicine, writing a prescription and sending you on your way. This is fine when someone has strep throat but hasn't worked very well for us when someone is chronically ill.
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    I think Daisy has it right. I believe that DOs get the same training as MDs but the philosophy is different, a more holistic approach. Our family doctors back home (Oklahoma) were always DOs.
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    My understanding is that DO's train just as MD's do and then go on and do further training in osteopath medicine or whatever the correct terminology is.

    I have always seen MD's. My new doctor is an DO and I LOVE her. She is the first person to say that all of the things I have going on cannot be a coincidence and is treating this as a whole body 'thing' rather than individual and separate symptoms. I'm so fed up with MD's who wrote a prescription, told me to learn how to live with it (yes, exact words), patted my hand and sent me on my way, then when I had a heart attack had the nerve to act like, 'Ohhhhh...you weren't faking.'

    I'll probably never see another MD again as my internist.
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    My dad saw DOs all his life. They can have "specialties" just as MDs - including oncology. We even had a hospital dedicated specifically to osteopathic practioners, but it was combined with one of our other hospitals about 10 years ago.

    When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, his doctors didn't "push" all kinds of invasive or heroic treatment at him, but explained things rationally (and realistically) and let him choose what HE wanted to do. For which we have been eternally greatful.

    There is a DO in practice with the group of OB/GYNs I go to.
  7. Nancy

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    My experience with DO's has been very favorable. My girls began going to a DO after they outgrew the Pediatrician (who was a group practice of MD's and I never really liked any of them). The practice they go to now has two DO's and one MD (the brother of one of the DO's). I love them all. I feel the care they get from the DO's far surpasses the care they ever got from the MD practice. They seem to care about the whole person, they listen better, offer advice, are friendlier. The girls feel very comfortable with them discussing anything on their mind.

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    My daughter has had a wonderful experience with a DO, who specializes in sports medication. They definitely look at the whole body, as opposed to just focusing on the injured area. She has never had a doctor take the amount of time this doctor does.

    Yes, they go to medical school, but they go to an osteopathic medical school. The university my daughter attends has an excellent osteopathic program.

    I remember years ago, my dad didn't want to see a doctor because he was "just a DO, not an MD". I think many people think that, but it's because of the unfamiliarity. My daughter's DO has been the most knowledgeable, thorough doctor she's ever seen.

  9. mrscatinthehat

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    My favorite medical professional that has treated me in my life was a DO. He was an awesome person and cared about what he did. Unfortunately he got liver cancer and passed away. I felt so bad for his family. But he was the best person that has treated me. Ever.

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    Thanks, guys!

    I am even a little excited about seeing this doctor, now.

    What everyone seems to be saying is that a DO is an MD with less arrogance and more compassion?

    Perfect. :smile: