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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Aug 17, 2012.

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    I cannot stand parents who are clueless that they are raising a difficult child. Little psychopath is back to trying to manipulate Tigger. For the first time in 3+ years they will be at the same school. Gym is their only possible overlap and the gym teacher is well aware of LP's issues.

    Of course, Tigger just wants to play with everyone and does not get how dangerous this boy is. LP's mom blames everything on everyone elses's children. LP plays like he is scared of Tigger whenever his mom is around. I told him that he needs to stay away from our house since he is so "afraid".
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    I am so sorry you and Tigger are going to have to deal with that koi. WE do the best we can with our kids but unfortunately, we can't protect them from other people or their kids. There are a LOT of undiagnosed and/or untreated difficult child's out there.

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    Arrrrgh! I am so sorry. And I can only imagine what is going on in Little Psychopath's home. I hope he doesn't have siblings who are being abused by him, and then the whole thing is swept under the rug.
    Fingers crossed for Tigger this year.
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    He has a little brother.

    LP was allowed to roam wild from age 2. Dad worked nights and wanted it quiet during the day so mom would send him out to play. That was a situation in which neighbors should have called CPS.

    The sad thing is that he is likely a created -difficult child and had he been raised by parents which a clue, he might not be so scary.
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    He showed up again last night. We were able to talk Tigger back inside without too much resistance. I took Tigger with me this weekend so two days away from any chance of LP. Let's hope LP gets bored and moves on....
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    Can you talk to Tigger about LP without him repeating everything you say? I.e.: "My mom says I mustn't ever spend time with you because...". Duckie knows that there are some children she just doesn't spend time with because they are so troublesome. Two are my former bff's son and daughter. The girl has verbally bullied Duckie and the boy has tried to be violent with Duckie when she stood up to her sister. Their mother blamed Duckie on all counts. The sad thing is that this has happened repeatedly with these kids and their older sister but Mom and Dad don't see a pattern. I've told Duckie that she must always be civil and respectful when they are all together (because everyone deserves that) but that these kids bring trouble wherever they go and their parents are apt to blame Duckie and the other kids rather than hold their children (and themselves) responsible. She also knows that it's not our place to save everyone. The boy is an especially scary kid having threatened several children in the community, is a loner and likes to hunt with Dad....
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