Our neighbor from hell.

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    So as most of you know, we moved to a different apartment complex last April. The place where we live now caters to the mentally ill of various types. There is a mental hospital just down the road from us, and a lot of their patients who get treatment there live in our complex. The mentally ill patients get first priority for move in, and if there are any empty spaces then the complex is open to the general public. So far I have come across mostly down syndrome patients, and a couple of other tenants who, judging by their social skills, seem to be somewhere on the spectrum. So far I have never had an issue with any of the tenants.

    Ocassionally we get a screamer, but not often enough to really disturb us. I have run across and had numerous conversations with a couple of down syndrome tenants in the laundry room, and they seem to be very happy and pleasant people. I am not surprised. We have several students at the school I work at who have down syndrome, and they have very pleasant dispositions. Whenever I come across one of them in the hall or they come to my counter with their parents after a doctor's appointment, they are always very cheerful and incredibly excited to see me. I imagine their teachers must feel so loved and appreciated because they really do seem like very happy kids.

    Anyway, most of my neighbors do not bother me in the least, until our next door neighbor moved in, that is. This kid looks very young and seems to be fresh out of high school. He doesn't look like he has any mental health issues based on appearance alone, but as we all know looks can be deceiving. After living right next to him for the last couple of months, I have come to the conclusion that this kid is either a hard core crystal meth addict, or he has some sort of diagnosis like schizophrenia or a severe case of bipolar.

    He is not currently working, so I honestly have no idea how he can possibly afford to live in our complex by himself. One bedrooms alone are $1175 so they're not cheap. I know for a fact he doesn't have a job because he is always home, and he is LOUD. I don't know what he is doing to make all that noise, but it literally sounds like he is banging or slamming his whole body against the walls. Sometimes he yells out for no apparent reason. Then there's the louder than loud rap music blaring from his stereo. Lovely. He is also a smoker, and my boyfriend and I absolutely cannot stand the smell of cigarrete smoke. He is always out on our shared patio smoking.

    Sometimes he nervously paces the patio back and forth. He does this at all hours of the night. Also he sits on the stairs totally blocking anybody who wishes to go up or down the steps. Saying "excuse me" gets no reaction from him at all. He simply doesn't move, so one has to awkwardly step over him to get past him. My boyfriend has attempted to say hello to him to be friendly, and whenever he speaks to him, he puts his head down and covers his head with his arms as if he's hiding. I simply don't even bother to try and make conversation with him because he truly creeps me out.

    Also, this guy never sleeps. He is awake at all hours of the night. Sometimes he is on the patio at one or two in the morning with a broom sweeping it, and always with a cigarrete. Lately he has been having company over until one in the morning, too. My boyfriend leaves for work at four in the morning, and when he leaves the neighbor is always out on the steps smoking. When my boyfriend comes home from work at noon he is there too, so he is always awake. I have no idea when he sleeps, if ever. The other night was the clincher. We were all woken up around two in the morning by a very bright flash light in our bedroom window and the sound of a police officer shouting, "Police department, come out and make yourself known!" There were several officers crowded around my storage unit right outside our window, and our neighbor was right behind them. Then one of the police officers flung open the door to my storage bin and looked inside. He shown the flashlight in there, then turned to our neighbor and said, "I'm sorry sir but there's nobody in there." The neighbor apologized to the policemen and told them he swore up and down he saw somebody go in there.

    It scared the **** out of all of us! I think my neighbor is paranoid. He has some sort of disorder or he is on drugs. I almost forgot to mention that there is the very strong smell of bleach coming from his aparment at odd times as well, and we all get headaches from it. My boyfriend was curious so he looked up the common ingredients used to make meth on his phone, and found that bleach is the most commonly used ingredient to cook the stuff. My boyfriend has also caught our neighbor peeking in our window at night when he's trying to sleep. As soon as my boyfriend sits up on the couch and stares right back at him, the guy runs back into his apartment and slams the door. Totally creepy. My boyfriend wants me to report him to the front office, but I am too afraid to. I don't want him to have a reason to start **** with us. We are planning on moving to a bigger place in January when I get my tax refund, but until then I have to put up with him or pray he moves out soon!