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    No, easy child has not had her baby. lol

    Nichole wanted to give Aubrey something special for xmas. Now keep in mind that Aubrey is as nuts over animals as her mother, if not more so. So Nichole asked me if she could get Aubrey a hamster. Nichole has been missing her old hamster Dixie for quite a while. Me too for that matter. Dixie was one of the sweetest hamsters ever.

    I said no to the hamster. Two reasons. Bruce and the fear that Aubrey would squish it in an attempt to love it.

    So we looked in at the pet store downtown. They had baby genuie (I can't spell them) pigs. Adorable and super sweet. Nichole and I both fell in love with a tri color female and brought her home. No problem as Nichole still has all her supplies from Dixie and most switches over to a bigger critter easy enough.

    Lucy is precious and sweet and loves to cuddle. :) Nichole already has her set up fit for a queen in her room. Aubrey is in Love. lol And is very good about holding her carefully. She's a beautiful lil pig, her coat is so shiney.

    These little critters I don't mind at all. Nichole is good about keeping them clean and caring for them. And they don't cost much to care for. Aubrey is on cloud nine :D

    I'll post pics as soon as I get new batteries for the camera.

    Oh, and the store had 2 parrots. Beautiful birds. One was a rescue and bites, so I didn't get close. The other was a great big flirt! He kept telling us Hello and that he was a preetttty bird. lol So I started talking back to him. Nichole said she thought I hated birds. I said no, I grew up with birds. I don't hate them, I hate cleaning up after them. So me and this parrot are having a longish coversation. And he's carrying on something else. :rofl:

    And No. No Parrot. I can enjoy them when they belong to someone else. And I thought he needed a bit of attention since he'd decided to strike up the conversation.;)
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    Lisa - congrats on the piggie!!! We got our first one in late June and I just fell *crazy* in love with him. Oscar's a black satin and is just the sweetest little guy. We got him a friend, Jonah, about 2 weeks later - he's a crested red and black pig, and much more skittish than Oscar but he sings like I cannot believe!!! I mean, big long chiiiiirps! It's amazing.

    Did you know they can actually be trained to do tricks???? Though at this point I think Oscar has me trained - he starts wheaking and I just have to go over and pet him and give him treats, LOL.

    Sounds like Lucy was an excellent choice! I hope Aubrey (and the rest of the family ;) ) enjoys her.

    Good job passing on the parrot (sorry Abbey!).
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    Welcome to the family, 'lil piggie!
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    Welcome to the family lil oinker!