Out of the hospital


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Spent the laat day and a half in the hospital. I thought I was doing better, but the allergic reaction to the medications I was on just continued. I went to see the doctor on Sunday and he immediately sent me to the ER. Fast forward more shots than I can remember (I cried like a baby when I found out they'd go in my behind), I finally feel somewhat better today.

So, after an immune builder, epi shot, flu shot, massive antibiotic shot, missing 7 days of work...I HOPE I'm on the mend. This sucks.



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:smile:Abbey! :smile:

You poor thing! Were the docs able to figure out which medication you reacted to? Sounds like the time my exdh had a reaction to penicillin....that went into an allergic reaction to his allergic reaction (I kid you not!). It took him a week to recover, too.

I'm so sorry!!!



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Oh Abbey! I am so glad you are better! How humiliating to have to get the shots there :sad:. My doctor will give them to me in the thigh if I ask but when I was very sick in the hospital a few years back I did take several in my buns. The nurses gave them so it wasn't too bad.

I hope you are on the mend in every way. -RM


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Yes, they finally found out it was an allergic reaction to sulfur. After the last epi shot, they said no medications for 7 days, then a revisit with the doctor. I actually felt better for a few days, but then it started to build again. The allergic reaction, along with the sinus and lung infection was just too much.

It was a bit embarrasing to have shots in the buns by a man. :surprise: I felt so silly crying, but I just have this huge problem with getting shots. Taking blood...no problem. Putting something in me..yikes! I'm also VERY wary of any drug at this point, but they seem to be doing well. Just tired.


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Abbey, I'm so sorry you've been so sick and in the hospital. I do not like shots in my buns, either! OUCH!

I hope you are doing much much better SOON!

Love ya,

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I'm sorry that you've suffered such a severe reaction to the medications. Hope you recover soon!

Glad that you're back home!


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Owwee, sweetie! I know how you feel about shots...I do, too. Glad you are home and hope you are feeling much better soon. I agree with GoingNorth...might be a good idea to get the medi-alert bracelet!! How scary for you!




I hope you are gettting a little bit more confortable with each day, or right away - if possible. The episode is one thing, recovery is quite another. Be good to yourself.


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I HATE shots ~ even if they are not in the buns.

Wishing you back on your feet again in a jiffy.

So...how many shots, Abbey?!?






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Ha! Yes, more than one. If my count is right, I'm up to 9 right now. I feel MUCH better now. I now carry an epi shot and wear a bracelet...which is ugly. :frown:

I'm going in twice a week for allergy shots...I'm getting used to them. Hopefully when this allergy season passes I won't have to continue.