Out of the Mouth of Aspies

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Oct 14, 2010.

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    So we were out at the bowling alley the other night and I ordered nachos for manster and I. We were with an extended group of friends through husband's AA program (about 12 in all) and as they all came in and saw our yummy plate they kept saying "yum". Naturally I kept offering for them to have some. After about the 4th time, manster nudged me closer to him and whispered "mom, I respect your need to be nice, but if you *keep* giving my nachos away, I'm going to punch you.

    Ya gotta smile.
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    How cute! That'll teach you to be nice!

  3. Hey,

    I'm with Manster!

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    Gotta love direct honesty. Love it.
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    So....what happened next? Did you get punched for sharing?
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    Gosh ML! I'm impressed with how Manster was able to communicate all of that, rather than simply acting on it. What a blast!
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    LMAO ! He is a trip !:D
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    I've discussed differences between wants and needs with my difficult child numerous times. Mine was in the hospital recently for about a week and has plenty of make-up work to complete. She's been putting it off, so I've dangled buying How To Train Your Dragon as a reward for completing her work by tonight. I said "Does that make you want to get it done?"
    Her response - "I don't want to, but I need to."
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    Totally wonderful!!!! Manster was able to verbalize his feelings very eloquently, wasn't he?!!! He didn't get violent, didn't make a scene or say anything embarrassing to you. He chose a quiet moment and let you know there was a problem (from his point of view) and how he wanted to act on it if it wasn't resolved. in my opinion he did AWESOME!!!!!!

    I love it!!
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    Thanks guys. He's been blossoming in many ways and I'm grateful for these moments. Of course along with growth comes pain but we're working through it, you know? Thanks for enjoying this moment with me.
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    Good point Susie, mine has a lot of trouble waiting for a more socially acceptable time to say anything like that. I'm happy enough that she's stopped randomly announcing my age in line at the grocery.