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    easy child/difficult child never goes anywhere. She usually hides away in her room or comes down by us in a sour mood. About 2 months ago she was saying she had no friends. A couple of weeks ago she started going back on to the computer again and texting. This weekend she went out! Friday night she went to a concert, Saturday to a party, and today to the zoo. This had to be so good for her-usually she is so antisocial so it's nice to see her doing things other teens do on a regular basis.

    If that wasn't enough difficult child, who rarely has had a friend invited one over yesterday. He came over around 11:00 in the morning and ended up spending the night and then around 11 this morning difficult child went to his friend's house! The two were very goofy but got along great. His friend goes to the same alternative school difficult child goes to which means he is a difficult child as well. They built forts in the living room, played Wii, played some other games, watched t.v!

    It was amazing husband and I had a quiet house for awhile today.

    More amazing is that we have never experienced a weekend like this with both kids before. husband and I were laughing that this was probably what parents of "normal" kids experience regularly. Bet they don't appreciate as much as we did today:)
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    I agree. That is almost what it sounds like. Glad you were able to get some "down time".
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    Gosh, there's hope, yet! What good news. I think you're right about what parents of "normal" kids experience!
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    yes exactly............ we get a small glimpse and it's like magical!! sooo glad that difficult child is out and about!! that's great! sooo glad your house was non difficult child today!
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    Sharon, what wonderful news.....I'm so glad you & husband had a weekend like this. Fingers crossed it continues.

    It's amazing once a social life appears how things can change for our "little wonders".:flirtysmile3:

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    I love weekends when Jett and Onyxx are both gone. I worry, but the quiet...!!!
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    Great progress. Enjoy. DDD
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    Thank you everyone; it truly was a first at our house and we enjoyed it very much:)