Ovarian Cyst, Anyone?


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I spent 8 hours in the ER on sunday (five car accidents that day, so others kept getting pushed ahead of me) with a horrible pain in my side that came out of nowhere.

The CT scan shows that there is an Ovarian Cyst. I have been having a heck of a time getting into a GYN. Everybody is going on vacation and can't see me for another month. I simply can't wait because, number one: It's very, very, painful. Number two: I can barely function zombified on Vicodin.

I decided to see my Family doctor just to get SOMETHING going. Plus, if I run out of pain medications, oh boy!
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I SOOOOO do not need this right now. Just got the neuropsychologist's report last Tuesday, took son to the Neurologist 75 miles away (that was a FUN drive! NOT!)yesterday, and I have Son's IEP on Friday Morning. They're going to let me know if THEY feel he qualify for services. It's going to be interesting due to what the neuropsychologist found in her testing of him.


I've done a bit of research (when I could actually SIT at the computer) and I'm getting the impression that I shouldn't be OVERLY concerned, that they are quite common. I have a very high pain threshold, and this thing, well, YIKES! It hurts!

Anyone have anything that they are share with me about this condition? Treatment they had, or know someone who had?

Anything would be good.


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Well, you did say anything...

When I was 21 I had an ovarian cyst. It was extremely painful and by the time the gyno had an available appointment to do an ultrasound, the cyst had dissolved and it was gone. The gyno who first checked me said it was the size of a small lime. Then the technician for the ultrasound told me that ovarian cysts are made up mostly of hair and blood. I almost hurled right then and there. I later found out that wasn't altogether true.

I hope yours dissolves on it's own. I'm sorry you're in pain - I know that feeling. Hugs~


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A Cat scan won't show exactly what that is. Ovarian cyst or not. Without an ultrasound it won't even be really clear. You need to demand treatment from the Dr. They have time slots for emergency office visits. You're in pain. This happened to me- my Dr. felt a "cyst" and sent me for an ultrasound. It showed the thing had it's own blood supply. Well, I was sent immediately to a gyn oncologist sugeon. The Dr. didn't feel comfortable treating me at that point because it could be cancer (I had that before).I had an operation to remove it, not knowing if it was cancer or not -BUT YOU NEED TO BE PROACTIVE. Demand the Dr. help you. Go to someone who will. Now!!!!(mine turned out to be not cancer)A cyst could even burst. Call a Dr. and say it's an emergency.-Alyssa

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I have had several. They usually hurt the worst right before they explode. Most go away on their own. Mine weren't so the doctor put me on continuous birth control to keep me from ovulating.

I had surgery a few times to have them taken out but it is laproscopic not much pain at all. Actually felt much better after surgery than before.

I would try to find a gyno to get into. Most hospitals if you go back a 2nd time in the same week for something like this they will just admit you and take care of it.


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I went thru a long period (years) with the d a mn things. I have an extremely high pain threshold and they could bring me to my knees. Mine were the size of melons. :surprise: I would only hurt during ovulation, then the pain would subside til the next month. Eventually it would rupture and I'd be okay til the next one.

Did they do an ultrasound? Are they sure it isn't a kidney stone? (believe me the pain is somewhat similar)



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I had one burst 2 years ago. The pain was unbearable and on the right side close enough to think it was my appendix. I spent hours in emergency and then was transferred by ambulance to the city. The ultrasound didn't show anything.... they did a vag and stomach.... so they prepped me for surgery. doctor decided to do a scope first just incase and when he flipped my ovary over he noticed the hole. That is the first time I had one burst. All the others I had went away on their own but didn't hurt, only noticable during a pelvic. If it is on your right side and you feel sick you need to go back to the emergency and get it looked at again. Regardless if the pain is constant and interfering with your daily routine you need to go back to the emergency.... basically I my advice is GO BACK TO THE EMERGENCY!!!!! Women tend to just brush things off because there are so many other important things to do.... the most important thing for you to do is get feeling better... you can not be living on vicodin......

Stepping off soapbox now



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Thank you, everyone.

Upallnight, you are correct in pointing out that a CT scan will NOT absolutely confirm a cyst. However, it IS highly suspected and most likely is one. I do plan on having an ultra-sound and confirming, one way, or another, whether or not, it is a cyst.


I have no problem being proactive. I've been doing this type of gig for many a year. I was given the option of being admitted to the hospital, and I declined. Son had a appointment with a Neuorologist at a highly respected children's university hospital, and unless I was facing death, he wasn't going to miss it. I've had to cancel Daughter's appointment with new psychiatrist after her very difficult last two weeks and my appointment with my allergy doctor. So, I've definitely done some rearranging. Thursday I see my GP and if I need another referral, I will get one. I will insist on a Ultrasound that day and will remember your suggestion of a Scope if I think it's needed. The pain is on my left side and I agree I certainly cannot live my life in a Vicodin fog. I'm just glad to helps with MOST of the pain. Though, I am functioning at a minimum level.

Hopefully, I will get some concrete answers very soon.

Thanks JoG and Stella for the information.