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    Warning...this might bother some folks.
    It is about an overweight friend that recently died.
    If this topic might bother you, please don't read it.

    I had a friend, I'll call her Sue, that I more or less lost contact with. We moved out of the neighborhood and I only saw her here and there. We had a mutual friend, so our paths would cross perhaps once or twice a year.

    Not too long ago, our mutual friend called me very upset because Sue was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. The doctor said that it was more common with women who are overweight. Sue, has been overweight for as long as I have known her, which I think might be a good 25 years...although I would say in the last 5 years it (overweight) has been more extreme.

    Sue hated going to the doctor, because the doctor sometimes would tell her it was important that she lost weight. She had little to no interest in losing weight.

    Anyway, she had surgery for the cancer and things seemed more or less ok. Briefly. She didn't seem to be healing well or feeling well.

    Further testing revealed she had bad kidney damage.

    The doctor said that her type of cancer left untreated can lead to kidney damage, and may have been possibly further complicated by being overweight.

    A few things happened immediately following this...that are shocking.

    I was in the car and I heard an announcement on the radio from some official agency like the Am. Cancer Society (I apologize, I can't recall which one). The announcement was that obesity can lead to more cancers than originally thought, particulaly endometrial cancer in women. And that if you have been obese for many years, the probability of getting endometrial cancer significantly increases. This is why it is important to not become obese, but if you are, to lose weight as soon as possible. Additionally, why it is important to have regular yearly screenings, etc.

    After tests were done, it was determined that Sue's kidney's were in very bad shape. She was sent home with Hospice care.

    She died a few weeks later. She was 60 years old. She enjoyed good health otherwise.

    My apologizes if this bothers anyone. I personally had NO idea that obesity led to some cancers, particularly endometrial cancer. I was clueless. I always thought it was a big issue with reference to heart disease.

    Two or three times when I find myself twenty pounds overweight, I have gone to WW and gotten the weight off. Now, I'm doing My Fitness Pal and it is hard as heck. But, I'm doing it slowly but surely.
    This is not meant to depress or upset anyway, I just think it is good to be informed.

    I honestly had no idea and have been in a state of shock.
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  2. Tanya M

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    Being overweight can lead to so many different health problems. I have watched my mother in-law's health decline over the years due to being overweight and a sedentary lifestyle. My mother in-law did not care what the Dr.s told her, she continued to eat as she pleased which led to high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease. She has been on dialysis for almost 2 years. This past week she was moved to a nursing home.
    It's heart breaking to watch this happen to anyone but just as our difficult children have taught us, you cannot force someone to change their lifestyle.
    I know for some, food can be just as much an addiction as drugs.
    I also know the older we get, the harder it can be to lose those extra pounds.
    My heart goes out to all who struggle with this.
  3. RN0441

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    I gained some weight during menopause but due to my height I am able to carry it fairly well.

    But I notice that now I have to work extra hard to maintain and cannot eat the things I used to eat without a care in the world.

    My doctor told me the BEST thing I could do for myself was to keep my weight down. Best for our overall good health but thanks for the reminder!
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    I think the increase in population and artificial ingredients in food is why we're seeing more cancer these days. I don't think being overweight has anything to do with it. So many thin people I know are being diagnosed or dying of cancer of various different kinds. People who do everything right are getting cancer. When there are more people, there is more of everything. More illness, more crime, more divorce, etc.