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    good morning

    i had to get this out, I have had the craziest morning and afternoon today. do you ever just have one of those days everyone's coming at you at once and you can't move quick enough?

    I woke up, ofcourse husband sleeps till 12 or better on his days off, and does nothing besides get up, go to his therapy and pick up his kids from school. difficult child well that's another story i've been spraying her with water to wake her up.

    I make the coffee, than i tend to the dogs and feeding them (my mini farm) and the phone calls begin, as I'm arguing with difficult child to wake up because today she had math statewide test at library.

    first it's the guy to install our new storm door (the guy who owns house we rent is great by the way) so he's on with me. I"m at my magical board in the kitchen trying to schedule him.

    than i try again to wake difficult child up, also get a cup of coffee down the neurologist calls, i talk to them. dogs are barking now to go out in yard as i'm on phone.

    than mri place calls to schedule that. which i'm very happy about. I lucked out my dr. called them and i'm going on friday. Yet had to find script in my bag to give them the info on test needed, also location. So i'm looking for a piece of paper and a pen as difficult child starts going at me about a shower she doesn't want to take!

    this sort of thing just continues on........ than the time is getting closer to getting her out the door and to the library so that she can go in the room we booked to do the testing. ( it is better than home, quiet for her etc)

    than tutoring service calls, the school i call, i'm still fighting for the tutor the one tutor to modify the work just as all the other tutors are doing. if i don't resolve this, she will not graduate due to one anal, ridiculous tutor. Who as of late has been asking difficult child do you like me, do you talk to your other tutors? WOW. i've told her several times my daughter has bipolar each day is different. totally unprofessional.

    wait, difficult child than finally takes a shower walks out to breakfast ready and says to me as i run to dry my hair. "you didn't butter my toast"....... are you joking? i said since when do i butter your toast, your 12 if you want butter on it than do it yourself.

    inbetween door bells are ringing easy child school i think was calling on house phone. just seems like alot of junk for me, and i'm so irritable lately. its always worse in the mornings for some reason.

    i'm totally winded, absolutely no food in me, and burnt her eggs had to redo because i was putting dog on lead in yard and straightening house up we get to the library.

    meet tutor. yay she's in room and all set up. husband text as he slowly awakens going on 1 in the afternoon are you ok?? LOL really???

    i managed to head to district office which is right next door to the library to speak to the assistant superintendent about the tutor issue that's really frustrating and the fact that no one at the school will return my emails to send over the written consent for this one anal tutor to MODIFY THE WORK for this child. so she' calling tutoring service now! she's amazing this woman by the way. she is my new go to person when the school drops the balls on me.

    so my day hasnt' even come half way yet. did you guys get overwhelmed reading it? i got overwhelmed doing it.

    clearly i have to use the spoon method janet has taught me, and well dont' answer my phone i think. i can't do everything and thats' what i do.

    so we'll return after tutor here at library i'll have to straighten up house, get difficult child lunch or she can actually make it, get snack ready for the rest of the kids, tell difficult child to take her nightly pee soaken sheets blankets off beds and get in washer so the kids all have somewhere to sleep tonight. shes' afraid to go in basement so that's a procedure in itself. she's getting better though...

    and i'm supposed to ride today at 4. it may just be a nice walk around the ring.

    it's just between the laundry everyday due to her peeing and regular laundry, scheduling all these doctor appointments for me now and trying to find the time inbetween a bunch of tutors and her doctor appointments and husband well i can't begrudge him for sleeping till 1 on his days off. yet wow it would be so nice if he helped out on his days off just a little.

    As with many men he doesnt' realize how much effort and work goes into just being home. He thinks his job is harder as most men do. I said let's switch for a day it'll be fun and we'll see how it goes.... he'd have a meltdown in the first few minutes.

    thanks for reading if you did this was a total vent and i feel better just getting it out. dont' tell me how i'm all over the place lol i'm sure i am! :)
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    ok mods how is this a healthful living topic/ or natural whatever topic??

    i did not post alot today it's a watercooler topic. i'll just ask simply what's up??
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    Jena -

    Except for the "waking up difficult child" part... (here, get up = get up. period. well - almost - K1 did roll over for an extra 10 mins this a.m., but he was really tired out) my day is like that all day, every day. Including the "dogs" part. Including not turning the stove on under the eggs early enough, or not starting coffee until breakfast is already over, or ... more often, getting caught on the phone (specialist or someone like that, who I'm dying to reach and can't just say "oh, have to go look after supper"...) when in the middle of making supper and having some pot boil over, and...

    We have to look after ourselves, but that takes time that I don't have, and I can't really run on under 4 hours of sleep any night, and need to average more like 6. I'm going to bed now... dog will bark at 3:30... but I can ignore until 5. You do the math! (other dog doesn't bark at that hour)
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    i'm sorry to hear you go through that every day! wow. i don't. for the most part our days' pretty organized, structured, yesterday was just a bit much. as far as waking my daughter up, if you know anything about bipolar those children are in their rem sleep at wake up time lol. so a simple get up does not do the trick.

    would be nice though........ :)

    hope your days get better. and taking care of yourself is never an option!! i had insanit yesterday yet i found my time to destress. if i dont' ill umm well you know the sayin' if momma isn't happy no one is! :)
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    Oh, we have structure alright... and couldn't live without it...
    Its the unstructured stuff that drives me crazy... call from school, specialist 1 won't support need x, so track down specialist 2, then get call from specialist 3 about one of MY problems, then school appointment, then...
    There's at least 2-3 of those, every day - and THAT breaks up my workflow, and ruffles my need for order, and then I start losing it (as in, can't keep everything straight, not as in blowing up).
    9 years straight and counting...
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    lol yes i know. what i did today was i let it all go to voicemail like i normally do. than i can pick and chose who to call back when i actually have the time to do it.

    it does get overwhelming lol. there are times you feel like well maybe i should just walk around with one of those thingies you can talk into while functioning thru day........

    oh the joys of motherhood. ever see that movie marley and me?? now they didn't have difficult child's it didnt' seem. yet a difficult child dog. at one point in the movie i think after their 2nd kid, she just looses it the dog's barking phones' ringing kids are crying. she basically tells her husband to shove it and tells him take the insane dog outta my house.

    you should rent it. its a true overload moment. i I don't know who i thought of that. kids and i watched it mos. ago and they laughed and said mom you do that sometimes LOL na really me??