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    difficult child's school Psychologist called last week & said he was sitting in his office with the Special Education teacher & Special Education Supervisor discussing difficult child. He wanted to know if we could have a meeting before Spring Break to make sure we are all on the same page. I agreed. I get the parent invitation yesterday. People checked to attend meeting....Special Education teacher, Special Education Supervisor, School Psychologist & District Rep. Purpose for meeting: Other: To discuss 2008/2009 placement, update progress.

    Would anyone know what that might mean? Our yearly IEP meeting was in December. They mentioned wanting to not give up on her yet & lowered her goals wanting to give more attention on her learning "to be a student". The subject has come up in the past about moving her to the Medically Handicapped unit within the same district, just different school. They pretty much shut that down when it was brought up previously. But, they also got the actual "diagnosis" last year that gives them all the extra money for her. Do you think they are possibly giving up now because she just "doesn't get" school? Guess I'm a little nervous.

    Suppose I should post in Special Education too.
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    I'm just guessing, but it sounds to me as if the purpose of the meeting is to discuss placing difficult child in another program for next year. My understanding is that you do not have to agree to anything in the meeting itself. You can always say you want to think about it and get back to them. If other placements are suggested, you have every right to visit them to see if you agree they would be appropriate for difficult child.

    Definitely post over in Special Education 101.
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    Well, I'm not sure I'd freak out if I were you, but you should prepare yourself for whatever they might want to discuss. If the Handicap placement was mentioned before, they may be wanting to re-visit that option. I'm certainly no expert, but have had my share of IEP meetings where I was the "unsuspecting" parent, not having any real idea what was behind the request for the meeting, and then got blindsided by issues that suddenly needed to be decided right then and there! Make sure you know your rights and also what You, as her parent, want for her.