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    Want everyone's opinion. As you know difficult child has been struggling in school with various reasons. Not academically..that is when he can remember to do his work, or turn it in. The following is a questionnaire the psychiatrist had me give to his teachers. 6 out of seven teachers returned it and today we see the psychiatrist. (who refuses to see a reason for neuropsychologist testing) Never been tested for anything.

    1. Restless or overactive
    2 Excitable, Impulsive
    3. Disturbs other children
    4. Fails to finish things he/she starts - short attention span
    5. Constantly fidgeting
    6. Inattentive, easily distracted
    7. Demands must be met Immediately - easily frustrated
    8. Cries often and easily
    9. Mood changes quickly and drastically
    10. Temper outburst, explosive and unpredictable behavior

    OK. the answers are Not at all, Just a little, Pretty Much, Very Much.

    All but 2 teachers marked everyone Very Much. Except cries often. That one is Not at all (for everyone). The two who didn't answer everyone Very Much, were either pretty Much or inbetween.

    What do you think?

    I am leaning towards ADHD. The part that draws me back is if he likes it, he has no problem with it. And the class he likes, that teacher didn't turn in a paper. He also can sit and finish most things if he understands it. Only when he doesn't understand does the frustration build. And, how can he understand it when he is never in class??? He missed every day last week. How can he understand Algebra when he isn't there??
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    Anxiety can also present the same way. Or it could be a combination of ADHD and anxiety. The only way to know for sure is through neuropsychological testing. In your shoes, I go ahead and do it without the psychiatrist's blessing.
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    This is a version of the Conners' Rating Scale which is used to detect the presence of ADHD-like symptoms.

    High scores do not diagnosis but high scores DO suggest the need for a full evaluation of the reasons for the above behaviors.

    It sounds as tho' the doctor just gave this out to "shut you up" if I am reading between the lines correctly. However, what appears to have happened, is the need for an evaluation is amply demonstrated.

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    I think the answers that the teachers gave will show the doctor that there is need for futher testing. I do agree with small that adhd/anxiety appear to be present by some of the answers. It could of been my son's questionnaire!!!!!

    Don't think the doctor can put the testing off anymore. And, if he/she does, get another doctor!

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    Yep. Martie's got it in one.

    This result doesn't exclusively indicate ADHD, there are still a number of conditions which would give the same responses. But if your psychiatrist STILL insists that difficult child doesn't need evaluating, ask for another opinion. From someone else, that is (sorry - old joke). And I'd also be getting VERY angry at the time lost for difficult child, in heads banged against the wall, in futility, in difficult child's inability to manage his time and other aspects of school, in what this is doing to difficult child as well as what this inactivity on the psychiatrist's part is also doing to difficult child's teachers.

    Kjs - DO make sure you photocopy those forms before you hand them back to the psychiatrist. I'm visualising a worst case scenario here, where psychiatrist says, "Thank you," for the forms then promptly buries them, all the while refusing to accept that an evaluation is needed. You would then have to do it all over again with a new psychiatrist, including getting the teachers to fill things in all over again - a lot of wasted time.

    I know you've said you are documenting everything - I mention this just in case you hadn't thought to copy these. And of course, by Murphy's Law - if you copy these for your own files, you won't need t hem. If you DON'T copy them, you will need them for sure and won't be able to get them!

    Good luck. How does it feel to at last be vindicated in your parental concerns?

    Ya know that tantrum you carefully didn't throw for the VP? Well, now's the time to throw one, for the psychiatrist.

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    When my daughter was younger, we could have answered everyone of those questions with 'very much', also. She has severe anxiety, not ADHD.

    I think Martie is right. I also think you need to proceed with the neuropsychologist testing, regardless of the psychiatrist's opinion on it.
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    This is sostrongly indicative of the need for more testing. I know kids with bipolar who score this way (know through parents support group), and many other things can cause these scores.

    Is there a reason you have not tried a new psychiatrist? IF the one you ahve will not do testing, then you certainly do need a copy of these and your records so you can see a doctor who is not using you for a quick $100 or more.

    A psychiatrist who will listen to you and respon d appropriately is so very neccessary to our kids health!!