Parental Written Statements to Judge (sample document)

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    Sample document from parent to Judge:


    CAUSE NO. ___________________

    IN THE INTEREST OF: . IN THE ________________ COURT
    . NO __________________________
    ________________________________ . _______________COUNTY, TEXAS


    I, _________________________________________________
    _______________________, a parent or other person responsible for the above named juvenile, submit this written statement as authorized under Texas Family Code Section 61.104. I would like to provide the following information so that the court can have my input for a better understanding of the needs and strengths of my child, our family and any other information important to the disposition of this case:

    1. Background. The court should know the following information about my child’s background. (Use this space to describe information such as important events, drug problems or hardships that you believe have contributed to the circumstances your child is currently facing.)

    ________ _______________________________________
    2. Medical and Psychological. The court should know the following medical and psychological history about my child. (Use this space to describe any medical conditions, illnesses, physical disabilities, medication needs, psychological history, psychological treatment or counseling, suicidal history, etc.)

    3. Education. The court should know the following information about my child’s school history. (Use this space to describe information such as any achievements or problems your child may have experienced in school including attendance, grades, special education, disciplinary problems, conflicts, extra-curricular activities, awards, sports, special skills and work, etc.)

    4. Home Environment. My child’s home environment and family situation can best be described as: (Use this space to tell the court about your child’s home life and environment such as information about how your child gets along with you, his or her brothers and sisters or any other person living at home, your child’s willingness to perform chores and other work around the house, behavior and discipline issues, whether your child has a job that adds to the household income, positive or negative neighborhood influences, etc.)

    5. Supervision. If the court places my child under my supervision, I plan to help my child stay out of trouble while on probation by: (Use this space to tell the court information such as your ability to supervise your child, any additional supportive adults who are available to assist you, problems you may have providing supervision, your plan to assist the probation department in making sure that your child will attend school and do everything the probation office requires, etc.)

    6. Child’s Positive Traits. The court should know the following good things about my child. (Use this space to tell the judge information such as any special achievements, character traits, volunteer work, past jobs, clubs, organizations, community or church activities in which your child participates.)

    7. Recommended Outcome. When the court considers the final outcome of my child’s case, I recommend that the judge order the following: (Use this space to tell the judge what you think should happen to your child in this case. What you feel your child’s needs are. You may also want to discuss what will happen to your family if your child is removed from your custody and placed outside your home.)

    8. Additional Information. The court should know the following important information that would be helpful to the court in making a final decision. (Use this space to provide the judge with any information that you feel may influence the judge when making a final decision.)

    All the information I have provided to the court in this Parental Written Statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    ___________________________________________ Date Signed: _________________________
    Signature of Parent or Other Person

    Printed Name of Parent or Other Person
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    Thanks for the info, Alisha. I hope I never need it. :panic:

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    wow! what timely advice!
    I have written to the judge each time ant was sentenced. it truly does help give the court a good idea of what should be done. I was actually at a hearing where the judge read some guy's grandfather's letter. the grandpa had written asking the judge not to let the grandson out before he completes a rehab program of at least a year. that is then what the judge ordered!

    ant has two hearings coming up in his remaining two counties that he owes time. I already wrote as requested by his Probation officer. I asked for work release so he can get out days and be locked in nights. I felt this would wean ant from jail to getting out and working, while still be locked at night. his sentencing will be jan 27th.
    I will then write a letter to the judge in the next county. I will ask him to run his sentence concurrent with the one where ant is now so ant can benefit from the better conditions of his current placement. the last county has no programs, only warehousing of men.
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    Thank you Alisha.
    I finished my letter to the Judge yesterday and forgot today was a holiday. So I have to wait to deliver it until tomorow. I covered every point on your sample, so I feel confident it will help. We'll know Thursday afternnon.
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    Great info, Alisha. Thanks.
  6. Sunlight

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    can you archive this?
  7. Fran

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    I will archive this.
    As always Alisha, you are a fountain of information and a great resource. Thank you.
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    This is terrific, Alisha Leigh.

    I have written to the Judge on behalf of my son
    in the past and I would like to add a couple of
    thoughts to this thread.

    Any written communication should be completed and
    submitted well in advance of the court date. (I
    had my four page letter hand delivered to the office of the Judge three working days before our
    court date. Much to my dismay and unhappiness I
    found during our few minutes before the Judge in
    the courtroom that he had not received & read my
    correspondence.) As a result I had to think on my feet and pull out a copy (with the Courts permission to get it out of my file) & highlight
    the most important items. It was not as effective
    as the written report in full.

    In my case I also had a copy hand delivered to Department of Juvenile Justice
    on the date of completion also. Part of my letter
    was corrections of the Department of Juvenile Justice report that I was cc'd
    prior to Court. For example, a typo that the Department of Juvenile Justice
    people got from the high school showed easy child/difficult child had
    been absent 32 times with-o an excuse!! Not! It was
    2 times.

    This guideline will be a huge help, A.L. I'm glad Fran is making sure it is protected for the future use of all who need it. DDD