Peace of mind


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Thanks RE.
For the next two weeks I'm setting Peace of Mind as my goal and organising my life around it. I'm off to the wild west coast of Ireland. Slea Head and the Blasket Islands. To pound my senses with wild breakers on a wild coastline under a wild sky and let the wind blow my cares out into the Atlantic, but hopefully not as far as the US!
I hope you all have a peaceful stress-free fortnight. It's a vain hope probably, but there you go. Catch up with you all in September.


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Lucy, have a WILD time on your vacation. Ireland is on our list of places to visit in the not so distant future. Your trip sounds magical, wishing you a fabulous adventure!


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:wootsmiley:Have a wonderful time! I'm so jealous. My husband and I were planning a trip to Ireland for out 15th anniversary next year...but sadly it isn't looking like it will happen. :( I've always wanted to mother's grandfather came from Ireland and she talked and talked about wanting to go, but never did. I hope to do it for her some day.

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Lucy, we just got back from Ireland 2 weeks ago...spent a good part of it in Mayo. and Galway. I hope you have as fine weather as we had, although you know you don't go to Ireland for the weather!