Perfect Parenting? Give It Up

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    Perfect Parenting? Give It Up - Psychology Today

    In my discussions with hundreds of the oldest Americans about their parenting advice, I became aware of an underlying message. From their vantage point of looking back over a half century or more of family life, the elders ask us to resist one of the cardinal temptations of American parents—the search for perfection—both in our children and in our own parenting.
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    it is so true. How we burden ourselves and our loved ones by saying this is how things should be. We must all find our road and walk it with the hope that we meet up when the time is right to do so. thanks for your post. I will be thinking about it today.
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    Goodness, yes!
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    LOL! My idea of perfect parenting just days after having my first, was using cloth diapers and rubber pants and breastfeeding. By the time my last was born, cloth diapers were still the order of the day in our home, but the baby bottle had long replaced breastfeeding.