picking up granddaughter


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We leave early tomorrow morning to drive 12hrs to get her and bring her back to AZ to stay with us for the month of july. Excited and sad, cuz stupid son, her dad is in prison, again, and wont be here. I worked soo hard to keep them bonded thru his bs. Trying to not dwell on the sad part. Thats for him to deal with. I hope the drive goes fast! 12hrs, oh my butt and back!


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Enjoy your granddaughter.

You cannot control your son's relationship with his daughter nor should you.

Just enjoy your relationship with her!

That's what I would do.


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My son has been writing letters to her, but mom doesnt give them to her. i think thats wrong. Even thou he keeps messing up she should know he didnt stop loving her.

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Enjoy your granddaughter! I wish my children could spend time with their grandparents. I had a very special relationship with my grandmother.