Plans for Christmas?


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May as well start an early thread. Hopefully some will share. Are you done shopping? We are. Finally!

For us, my daughter and grand are coming up for four days feom Chicago. Daughter Jumper has to work on Dec 24 and 25 so we will do Christmas on 27th. The day after that Jumper and Hunter are going to Hunter's family Christmas and the rest of us are going to hang out, eat, go out, have another day, this time at my house and probably out to a fun place too. Hub's Sis and her hub will be over Friday too. They are a beloved great addition. Love them dearly. Such great relatoves, all we have.

So....nothing out of the ordinary but looking forward to the family getting together. Am anxious to hear your plans. I hope most will not be grieving or sad :(.

Have a super dooper dooby evening:)
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Miss KT and her hubby are coming here for Christmas! Christmas Eve we spend with Hubby's family, Christmas Day at my mom's. The kids haven't heard yet if Miss KT's father is making the hour-long drive to see them or not, or if his mother wants to take them to lunch.


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Jabber and I are doing a big, fat, nothing. We don't even have a tree yet. I alternate between wanting to put up a tree and lights and enjoy the holiday to really not caring at all.

We have some Christmas stuff upcoming. Specifically, we went to his office party last Saturday, have a gathering this evening, I'm doing Secret Santa at work and things like that. But nothing for the day. The Governor declared the 24th a State Holiday this year - so 4-day weekend! YAY! Still nothing to do though.

We need to bake and get some stuff in the mail to the boy. I haven't done any cards yet either - which is almost too late. But life does get in the way.


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We have nothing to do on tje 25th so we are thinking of volunteering at the place Sonic lives at because some residents have no family and Sonic can help us. He likes the idea. Or maybe feed the animals at the Humane Society because they still need to eat.

We shall see. I like the idea of having something festive at the apartments. They have a community room and a kitchen in it and tables for eating. Fifteen people live there.
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We have a family Christmas party this Saturday so I'm looking forward to that. My husband is on call Christmas eve so myself, son and hubby will be staying home and doing our own thing. Most likely stuffing our faces and watching A Christmas Story. :) Christmas day my neighbor's have a little open house that we usually go to after opening our gifts. I'm not sure if we will do that this year. I've got a bit more shopping to do and then I'm done!! Yay.

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Ours will be quite this year. We will be going into Chicago to have dinner with my sis-in-law and her family.

I'm mostly done with my shopping - still have a few small things to get for my grands then need to get it all wrapped up and boxed so I can ship it. I'm fortunate that I can ship from work and get the corporate rate - it saves me about $40.00 :)


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Husband, son and I will be staying home for Christmas. I have a 4 day weekend!

On Christmas Eve we are going out for dinner and on Christmas Day husband making a ham.

We'll be watching "Christmas Vacation" during one of these days which is a tradition.

We bought youngest son some cologne he wanted, golf lessons and a gas card. We just bought him a new coat so we told him that's part of his gift too! We are sending our older boys with-fiancees round trip tickets to visit our new home in 2019.

Husband and I are going on a four day cruise Dec 20-24 to Cozumel for our "gift". We leave from the Mobile port and it was very reasonable!! We return home at 8am on the 24th so we'll have plenty of time to spend with our son and pups.


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Our daughter (Difficult Child) comes into town the 23rd.

No comment.

On the 24th a nice family member on our daughter in law’s side of the family is having a little get together. It should be nice. But I’ve learned with recent events....another no comment. Lol.

The morning of the 25th our son and his immediate family comes over. I make a certain breakfast ...a throwback from my children’s youth. We open presents. It is VERY nice. I like this a lot.:)

In the evening (25th), we go to a Chinese restaurant with our son and his family. Various extended family members who are looking forward to some quiet and no cooking join us. Usually nice.

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I invited another couple and their son to join us for Christmas. We have a nice time together. They also have a difficult child who isn't in the picture. Besides them Adam, Jill and her hubby will be here. We had the same group for Thanksgiving and had a great time. Our difficult child is going to his girlfriends for Christmas. I invited them here. He says he doesn't want to be anywhere Dad is.


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Changing things up this year. Putting Difficult Child up in a hotel for Christmas. (See PE forum) Will still have her over for meals and such. Fingers crossed.