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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jan 31, 2009.

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    I have been thinking long and hard about Jess's schooling. She gives me no problems as far as her work this year. Actually she often makes her projects more complicated than what I had planned (and more complicated than what the local SD has posted on their websites).

    I am very worried about her physical problems. Our doctor appointment was postponed until next Wed. I realize I don't have to make any decisions soon, but I want to put some thought into things.

    I am thinking about enrolling her in the state online high school. It will be her freshman year, and I think an accredited program would be a good idea. We just got a new desktop computer from my dad, so it would be do-able with-o giving up MY computer.

    I just honestly don't think she will be able to handle the physical demands of getting up and going to school every day, of carrying a heavy backpack around, etc....

    This online option is free. I am sure she could have an IEP (which might be needed for Other Health Impaired), and well, it seems like the best overall idea.

    Has anyone used one of these programs and what kind of luck have you had with them?
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    I call myself a reluctant home schooler because I'm homeschooling a sick child, too. I haven't used one of these programs yet but I agree it seems like a good idea. It would take you out of the lesson planning and you would know she is getting what the state thinks she needs. You could always supplement if you thought she needed more.

    I know people do homeschool and go on to college but it seems it would be easier if her degree came from an acccredited program.
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    I have no experience but I do think it sounds like a good plan!