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    My son who is now 19 who back in middle school had perfect attendance in school great football and basketball player ever since 9th grade has not wanted to go to school quit all sports and was short 5 credit to graduate so he did not graduate school I switched school he said it was my fault kids were talking about him cause I had him placed in kids peace in 9 th grade cause he was breaking things in my house and would not listen to me they put him
    On medications got out would not take them just got worse ever year no one would help me me he started to shower 5 times a day I know he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) really bad but I don't know if there's something else wrong he won't get help he is very good looking kid he always had friends now no one he hated me I had to throw him out he thinks that he doesn't have to work that people are going to take care of him he also got diagnosed with colits he wouldn't take that medience now it all in his colon I know my son is not on drugs he doesn't drink or smoke my heart is broken he is a good kid but it's not my son anymore therexnitjing in his eyes I just want him back he won't go for help my heart is broken I want to bring him home but I have a 13 year old daughter who can't deal with it either please help any advice or ideas what he has
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    How do you know he doesn't take drugs or drink?

    I am sorry he is acting this way I think you made the best decision for your daughter and yourself. If he washed five times a day, clearly he needs medication for at least Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). If he refuses to help himself, there is nothing you can do. One day he may go for help in his own. At his age, it is up to him. Hopefully you wont hand him money so he will need to get a job or visit food pantries and shelters. Seriously, sometimes that is how they have to learn.

    Sorry for your sad heart.
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    Thank you ! I'm in recovery for 17 years from I got sober when my son was 2 he never leaves the house no one comes see him he would sit in his room all day be up all night would shower and just listen to music and dance keep me up all night when I had work and my daughter has school ! It breaks my heart that he may get colon cancer from his colitis if he doesn't take his medications or end up with a bag to go the bathroom for the rest of his life ! I feel bad cause he has colitis I know it makes him tried I know he's afraid he make have to go the bathroom he is not in realty ! He went to people houses he wasn't seen in year to stay with them they must think I'm awful mother ! I love my son very much my heart is broken he has no father just me and his half sister and my mom who is to old for this ! My husband is not here s father but we have both tried over and over to help him he just wants to do it his way I don't understand thanks for responding
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    I am sorry your son has ulcerative colitis. I am aware of what it is. Is there a special reason he won't help himself have less pain? Why he won't see a gastroenterologist? Does he give you any explanation?

    Maybe having to go to the bathroom a lot or feeling gassy embarrasses him. That could be why he doesn't feel comfortable making g friends. I really feel badly for both of you. Of course, he is the only person who can legally get treatment for anything due to his age. I am positive you have always done the best you could. Sadly...we can't force them to do anything.

    Kudos to you for seventeen big years of sobriety. You are strong to be able to have achieved that. You are a hero. Please take each day at a time. Maybe your son will get sick of being sick and decide to seek treatment. As you know, and I THINK I know, only 10 percent of those with colitis get cancer. Yes, that's 10 percent too much and enough to scare us for sure, but there is a 90 percent chance it won't happen.

    Try to be good to yourself. You can't control your son but I do think one day he will decide he wants to feel better. Right now he is still so young...

    Big hugs. Keep posting. We care.