Please hold a good thought...


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for my husband tomorrow. He will be attending the wake of an old friend that committed suicide at 40 years old. He'll be going with the parents of another friend that can't make it back to town in time to attend, these parents are beside themselves. While they had fallen out of touch over the last several years, husband is shook up. Another friend died last year from a heroin overdose (45 years old) and another the year before (38 years old) from a heart attack brought on by wearing a nicotine patch and smoking heavily.
It's tragic. :tears:


Prayers and good thoughts for husband and this man's family. So sad; I'm sorry for all the loss.


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Will be thinking of him and saying a prayer. I know how hard it is to lose a good friend, so young.

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This is so tragic. Keeping a good thought and saying a prayer for your husband. :smile:


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Thanks for all the good thoughts. husband worked from home yesterday, I think he just wanted the relative quiet and solitude. The wake went as well as could be expected and he went out for a few drinks with a group of friends from the old neighborhood after. I think that was very therapeutic for him. Let's hope this is the last tragedy he needs to face for awhile. Thank you again.