Please Keep Tony in your thoughts even though he has been a pain lately

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    A really difficult situation has come up for him on his job last week...well it came up in the last couple of weeks but it came to a head last week.

    Tony works for a subcontractor who gets jobs doing drywall and metal stud work for commercial buildings. Tony has been doing this for the past 30 years. Of course over the years there have been a few issues but not many in the last few years. He has been with last company since 1997 or 1998 and he is pretty much best friends with his boss who is the owner of the company. They do everything together...hunt,fish,talk for hours. I call Sam his Sam trusts Tony implicitly. Tony has found Sam many jobs and Tony runs many of the jobs for Sam.

    Well, a couple of weeks ago they had a fairly expensive tool go missing off the job. Big problem is this tool didnt belong to Tony's boss. They had borrowed it from the contractor that the crew was working for. It never made it back into the gang box at the end of the day. Tony didnt know this. The gang box is a big metal box sort of like a shed but can be moved easily from job to job. They always lock this up with a pad lock each night.

    So the next morning they find out this large tool, I believe it was a lazer was missing. Well since Tony's crew was the last ones that were known to have used it, they were all charged with losing it (or stealing it) and the entire crew had to pay a portion of it out of their checks. Well last week...or the week before Im not entirely sure which week it was....several very expensive Hilti tools went missing and these tools were not being used by the crew. They were simply in the gang box.

    Thursday, the entire crew got fired because everyone on that job is blaming Tony's crew and even people on Tony's crew are pointing to one person. Tony hates to think that it could possibly believe that it is this person because he had just started to hunt and fish with this guy. Tony went to this guys house last night and he was in tears swearing he didnt do it but there are two people on the crew saying they know he did. From what I understand, one of the accusers is very reliable but the other not so much. Tony does know that the one accused does have sticky fingers and his very opportunistic. Tony doesnt doubt that if the opportunity was there, he would take something.

    This is really bothering Tony because now they want Tony to go back on the job but without any of the crew except the one person who accused the person. Right now Tony is trying to figure out a way to put gps systems in tools so this can never happen again. I have found two systems that could possibly work if anyone would purchase the equipment and put it into effect. One is an alarm that sets of a gps signal to people set up by the owners of the equipment when someone attempts to get into gang box. Another program is where the tools have bar codes on them and you have to check them in and out with a scanner like the hand scanners at a grocery store. If you dont return your tool then you would be responsible for your tool. I sort of like the idea of combining the two. One person from each crew could have access to the gang box and they would have to scan in and out the tools.

    This is a very large job on a military base. I think it would be very hard to rule down to one person in that case unless they had video or some other way to prove it. Right now they want to prosecute and I dont think they have enough evidence. Just some guys saying he did wont do it.
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    Would it be easier (and cheaper) to set up a wireless security camera?
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    The other thing to consider is bag and coat checks whenever leaving the site. Every person with access is checked by someone who is trusted (Tony!). Also, keep a log of all tools in the gang box and do spot check inventories.
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    I have also thought of that too. Like Tony told me on other jobs, they had to physically sign tools in and out in writing. Nothing fancy but it worked. I think if a person knows they are responsible for something they will be a bit more careful of what they do with things. Of course in this case, they werent supposed to be using it. Tony is honest and its really weighing on him. It was bad enough when he had to deal with Cory but not even Cory would put him in this position. You have no idea how glad I am Cory isnt working with him right now. Im sure someone would have tried to pin it on him because of his record. There is talk of an accomplice and I dont know if they are implying that it had to be Tony was in it because he drives the van. No way. He has no way to know what people toss in the back of the van as their stuff. He puts his stuff in there and because right now he barely takes out more than his hard hate and a tape measure and the prints because he is basically the foreman on this job. He isnt carrying tools right now. So he really doesnt have to put much in anymore.
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    Sigh. I know how this is weighing on Tony, and how it weighs on you. How good of you to be so supportive and come up with-ideas!
    I'm not very good at figuring out whether to go GPS, camera, or coat check, but I can send lots of support your way.
    Best of luck.
    And if the accuser ends up being the accused, I assume that the team will be hired back ...
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    Billy and Tony need to sit down and discuss ideas on how to keep sticky fingers from succeeding. I imagine Billy probably spends enough time online that he could search for something that would fit the situation that might not be too expensive.

    Most tools are going to be snatched when people are too busy to notice. I saw where people have to sign the tools out. Do they have to sign them back in when they're done with them? Because if not, then they should. Now unless someone is there to make certain they actually got back into the shed, that is not going to help much because they can sign it in and just not put it away. Is a small security camera a doable idea for the shed? I'd also find some sort of alarm that goes off unless one of the bosses open the shed for tools to be signed out, especially if they're going to store expensive equipment in there.

    I hope they can figure this out.
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    What Tony wishes is that there was some way of putting a gps chip inside of these power tools so that if they are stolen you could just track them on your computer. Something like the "Where's my iPad?" apps. Or the rfid chips you can stick inside trucks to track them. It would have to be a very small chip though that you could just open up a tool like a screw gun or nail gun or something like that and just slip inside the handle. If I am not mistaken thought, this dewalt thing can be set to a perimeter setting and if tools are taken outside that area, then the gps goes off so that might work.
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    I don't know if this is a help but my husband gauges his name in the tools. It's all very primitive, nothing fancy. Tools of his still walk though, some people are jerks. I don't think a bag check will work because the men are always running back and forth to their trucks, theycould steal it anytime. That really stinks that all those men had to pay like that for one man's greed.
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    Hoping for as easy solution that will result in reduced tension. Hugs DDD
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    None of those solutions would stop a smart thief from trying to walk off with something someone else signed out, either, pinning the blame on them. *sigh* Many cameras around the worksite would need to be employed to be effective.
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    That's the advantage of a job-site perimeter system... it doesn't matter WHO signs anything out, as long as it's inside the "fence", it's "safe". It can get misplaced, but it's still around somewhere. Walk out the gate with it, and YOU took it. Maybe inadvertently... so go put it back. Two or three times it's the same person? Ummm... not likely.
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    Well the mystery has been solved. The guy that was suspected has returned the items after he learned the company was going to file charges. Im glad he returned the tools but Im sad he chose to do this because he lost so much for himself by doing this. He had just become a good friend to both Tony and their boss and now that is all gone. Really makes me worry about all those times that I didnt worry when I felt safe that it was this guy coming to get his tools from the van when I was home alone...sigh. I never let anyone into the van without me knowing who it is but the van is left unlocked in our front yard but our dogs bark so I know if anyone is out there and I go check and take names.

    He goes back to work tomorrow minus at least one many more I dont know.
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    Give Tony a hug from me. This kind of thing is so terribly hard to deal with even after you find out who stole the stuff. Did they get the expensive thing that everyone had to pay for back? Will the rest of the crew get their money back now?

    It really stinks that this guy not only stole, and lied when everyone was asked where the stuff was, but also lied to Tony's face and was teary eyed insisting he didn't do it. THAT has to really hurt Tony. Tony probably tried to stick up for the guy, and the boss might have also if they were starting to hunt and fish together etc.... and to find out he totally lied? It is going to be harder for Tony and the boss to trust anyone again. I hope Tony and the boss are still good friends and this hasn't changed things between them.

    I am SO SO SO glad Cory isn't working there because all of this. I am sure that he would have been charged first and they might not have even looked at the other guy.
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    Whew! That's a relief.
    I am so sorry that this guy did this to himself and to the group. At least he turned the tools back in.
    I assume they won't prosecute but he certainly no longer has a job.

    I thought of your family yesterday ... I had an electrician come over to the house and he left a pliers in the kids' bathroom. :) I'll call today and tell the ofc.
    I can't tell you how many tools I've collected over the yrs this way ...