Please Pray for our Family


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Please pray for our 3 year old grandson. He was airlifted to Toronto Sick Childrens Hospital at about 5:00
tonight (supper) time with Spinal Menengitus very sick little boy.
Our 15 year old grandaughter who babysat for them on the weekend has menengitus in the lungs but she is home.
My oldest difficult child 36 on Friday is very sick with the flue and they tested him for menengitus at the hospital but couldn't get a spinal tap done on his back, so we are praying it is just the flu
with him.

Thanks everyone.

Joy xoxoxoxo



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Thanks so very much every one, Braydon is doing some better
Shannon (14) had to be taken back into Ross Memorial last night and the chief of staff called us and C.W. gave him their cell #.
They must have left their computor on.She is still there today
in the childrens ward. (Single room)
Will keep you all posted.
Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts.

Joy xoxoxoxo

P.S. C.W. and I have to take (medication.) Rifampin 300MG, 2 every 12 hours for 4 doses as a percausion.