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    We are DEFINITELY homeschooling Jessica. husband feels that iwth all the catch up work she will be so lost during the current work that it is best to just pull her out now.

    I am going to have to find an 8th grade curriculum ASAP. I can do some of it online, but could use some support in figuring out what all she will need to be ready for high school.

  2. Star*

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    Susi -

    You'll be fine! Check your state HOME SCHOOLERS office and they will give you ALL (and more than) the information you will need to do this - HS's are VERY supportive.

    CAN I TEACH ART ON LINE? lol.......;)
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    Ditto what Star said - you should be able to find curriculum information through your state's homeschool organization. Your state's Dept of Education should be able to point you in the right direction too.
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    I have info from several homeschool orgs, but NONE have anything to do with the state. Our state treats homeschoolers as a dirty little secret (I am in Oklahoma, you know.). Thanks for the support though.

    Star, if you want to teach art online to jess, make lessons or projects and I will have ehr do them. Y'all can talk on the Instant Messenger or through emails, and you are WELCOME to teach art. NOT my strong suit. If it is something you don't want to do, that is OK too.
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    You can also look for info on state standards to see what is supposed to be taught at the different grade levels. California has a pretty good set up on their Dept of Ed site. Also, if your state has an exit exam, see if you can get some sample problems. That'll give you an idea of what Jess will need to know down the road.
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    Have you looked up the electronic classrooms in your public schools? Almost all states have them available and because it's a public school tuition is free. They do the teaching for you.

    Otherwise, I haven't got a clue. Nichole graduated from ECOT and they were wonderful. But I didn't find out about them thru the school. I found out about them from an outside source. School denied it was even possible. Tried to do everything they could to keep me from homeschooling Nichole. Of course they couldn't stop me. ECOT is an online public school, they just wanted me to think they could.

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    We have a great online Maths program here, it's based in Australia I think but could have branched out to the US by now. I hope it has. We've been told that it fits in with the Aussie/NSW curriculum, but if they've branched out as I hope they have, they should have adapted it to also fit other countries' requirements.

    I'm not telling you to use this particular package, only that they exist. If you can't find one specifically for the US curriculum requirements, then try ours. The kids have the chance to compete (if they want to) with kids from other countries. It also gives you, the parent (or teacher) feedback on how they're going and keeps track of problems. In Australia there is a help line where the kid can talk to a teacher/tutor over the phone if they want. So whatever you find - make sure it is at least this good and no more expensive.

    Don't pay a fortune for Maths computer tutoring - we compared a certain very famous and very expensive computer tutor system (which shall remain nameless to avoid lawsuits) and found this one was just as good if not better.

    The cost to us - A$99 a year per student. You can change the grade through the year if you feel you need to. It DOES need a fairly recent internet access program to use it well (we use Firefox) and ideally you should be on broadband.

    We actually don't use it as much as we'd like - difficult child 3 is a correspondence student and we signed him up when this was partly the way his school was giving him work. However, the school have dropped it now (pity - a lot of teachers wanted it continued) and I'm thinking of talking to his maths teacher to find a way to incorporate this with the correspondence work he does.

    But I'd still sign him up with it - the computer is a non-judgemental way to study.

    There is another related computer-based education package with this mob, sometimes you can get both for only a fraction more. But if it's spelling, and they don't have US option, I'd leave it. There are too many differences.

    I'm glad you've made this decision. How does she feel about it?

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    I don't have any experience with homeschooling. I'm glad others here have given you some excellent advice.

    I just want to let you know I'm thinking of you. WFEN
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    Susie, I will pm you.
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    I sent you a PM last night.

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    Susie..........please PM me with questions on homeschooling in HS. I did it for Matt for 2 years ~ however ~ despite my extensive research, there were some things I did not know.

    For instance, once the child is pulled out of school, they cannot re-enter HS without taking the HS placement test. Well, in Matt's case, because of his LDs, and even though he had completed the 10th grade homeschooled, he would not have been able to start back in HS as a Junior, but rather as a Freshman.

    It is really complicated ~ so I am here to answer or help in any way I can.
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    I don't know anything about homeschooling but wanted to send good thoughts your way. Hugs.