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I understand that Resperdal does cause constipation but this constipation has been since way before the medications were started. We have introduced a more "natural" approach to things. His diet has been drastically altered...very very high fibre. Then I went to the Natural Health Food Store and got him a regime. It goes like this...."Vital gteens" vitamin supplement(all natural) when he wakes up...then brush his teeth cause it makes them turn green...then the resperdal..then an hour later breakfast and "fiberrific" natural fibre supplement instead of psyillium husk cause it is too thick for him to swallow, this stuff is in a 8 oz glass of orange juice, lactulose with 8 oz water, fruit smoothie which has his omega 3 in it, then he has toast or oatmeal with extra fibre(added),and his acidolpohilus(good bacteria that is in yogurt but he is allergic to milk) then anhour later 1 litre water, then luch which is fibrerrific again in orange juice or water(usually water) and 1 litre of water, soup and sandwich or other lunch menu item(lunch at 120 to 1 pm), 230 he has another litre of water and an apple,at 400 another high fibre snack usually prunes and prune juice and water,then at 6 pm we have supper 4 oz meat, 1 c. side dish and 1 c veggies(raw/cooked). NO dessert usually but sometimes on special occasions. oh yeah and his Fiberrific and water again. then bedtime sncak an hour before bedtime, 830 resperdal and another 8 oz water. by ten thirty he is asleep. He has been on this regime for a few days now and it seems to be beginning to work...he has went three times in the last 48 hours...not a whole lot at once but at least he is going...sometimes now he can feel emptied but isnt truly emptied. He is beginning to go every day...not much but at least it is a start. he usually consumes 5 litres of water a day plus his three or four glasses of juice and his glasss of soy milk. We tried rice milk but it doesnt help. you wouldnt believe grocery shopping for this household! My difficult child 1 cant have certain spices, cocoa, certain dyes, and cheese, etc. because he gets sever migranes. My youngest the "easy child" is so picky it isnt even is fun! ANyways, the new regime seems to be working but the diet change did too at first so we will wait and see. He also eats a lot of prunes and other very high fibre foods...but to tell the truth I am getting used to the new diet as I am eating almost the same as he is now and it seems to be very beneficial for me...I have more energy. Oh by the way NONE of my children are overweight....the psychiatrist was concerned because difficult child 2 wasnt gaining weight but now he is on the proper developmental growth am so proud of them all.


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Adequate exercise helps, too. Also, remind him to try to set aside some time each day to sit in the bathroom.


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I know I am fortunate he is cooperating first it was a struggle...honestly trying to get him to drink enough water is a problem I had to get psychiatrist to verify (once again) that drinking water is really good for him. He does fight me on the water issue all the time...he always has an excuse (I'm not thirsty!). But he is in a lot of discomfort so he is finally listening to me about the regime...and it seems to be working. He was going really well for the first little while then he went 2 days without going and this afternoon he went again and he almost clogged the toilet! lol I think he is adjusting alright to the new changes and he is starting to feel a little better. We have a really high water level in the toilet and a large toilet bowl and he filled the toilet 2.5 inches above the water level...3/4 of the toilet was full! He is so proud of himself.

psychiatrist said if he wont sit in the washroom by himself that I have to sit in there with him...he doesnt like that idea so is cooperating much better now.

Thanks for your help and support. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/you-rock.gif