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    I just called and spoke with the receptionist for the therapist I really want to see- yes, she is 24 miles away but what the heck. Anyway, the recept. asked several questions about why I was looking for therapy- what specific issues, then she said she'd have to call me back but she knew she couldn't get me an appointment before the 2nd week in Dec. The wait doesn't sound too bad to me, given that Thanksgiving is next week. But, I'm concerned that this therapist might not feel that the issues I gave the receptionist are enough for her to see me and I'm afraid she'll recommend someone newer and less in demand.

    Please cross fingers and send vibes that she'll see me....I really didn't want to get into the worse details on the phone with a receptionist.
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    Im glad you got through and made your choice of who you wanted to see. This was the one you "really" wanted to see, right?? I'm trying to think back to earlier post. This isn't the one who listed it as "woman's issues"?

    Yea, who would get into detail with a receptionist, that's insane i wouldn't of either. It's not appropriate for you to be expected to at all. I'm sure it'll work out and as you said december is around hte corner now.

    You'll be in there before you know it. Good, i'm glad. When are they supposed to call back to confirm this so you know it's a go?
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    thank you! I just got off the phone with the receptionist. She said she could get me in with a different therapist a week sooner and strongly recommended that other therapist because she could be sooo much help with issues regarding my son. I said (nicely) that I have been surrounded with people helping with issues regarding my son and I really feel the need to discuss MY issues with someone for a while, so could I get an appointment with the therapist I ask for. So, she schedulled me with the one I wanted. :D

    I find it a little odd that whenever I ask for a therapist to help me deal with difficult child, they want to recommend that I speak to someone about myself; then, if I ask for someone for myself, they want to recommend someone to help me with difficult child. HA!!

    Ok= mid-December!!
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    OK Good!!! Good you planted her and said no way enough, me me me not difficult child!!! Amazing isn't it?? I get the same cr*p also in regards to doctors. It's so weird. Hey, that's great though it's soon the appointment.

    Yea for you!!! Funny, right the simplest things can be so gratifying for us
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    (Doing Yoga and keeping my fingers crossed) actually - I crossed my legs in Yoga and being a big girl? They are stuck.