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    take time to assess YOUR health in the next few weeks. Schedule that overdo exam or test. Go over your list of medications and diagnosis's to make sure you are treating them ALL properly.

    Even set up a Parent Report for yourself.

    My weight has gone up a LOT in the last 9 months. No baby, just way too much me. Within my abilities I have been doing what I can. Diet, increasing activity level, etcetera.

    I got focused too much on figuring out what is wrong with Jess's health that I forgot part of mine. Not all, but part.

    I forgot about the thyroid problem. My immune system declared war on it aways back. In what my doctor now says are record levels.

    I cannot remember when I last had the medications refilled for that.

    My doctor couldn't even FIND my thyroid, thinks it has shut down for good. She says it explains why I can almost NEVER lose weight. Not even that first jump that comes when you do a plan like Atkins or Zone. husband and I did the Zone. He lost a LOT. Easily. Very little activity. I increased my activity. Not to enough, but enough to have shown SOMETHING. Three weeks and I gained 2 pounds.

    I should have lab results in the next day or two. My doctor will be timely in letting me know what is going on.

    No matter what is going on, we truly cannot help others unless we are taking care of ourselves. I am going to make it a point to learn this lesson. And remember it.

    And I even scheduled my first mammogram for May.

    So please, take time to make sure you have all of YOUR needs met also. It is just so easy to focus on the kids/house/in your face problems.
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    You're right Susie! I'm suspecting some thyroid issues myself, so I hit the gp last week (boy did I catch hell!) and am going for blood work tomorrow. I'm trying to get an appointment. with an Endocrinologist (takes about 4 mos.) because my fasting blood sugar is almost 300 (mostly stress and not paying attention to what jumps in my mouth!).

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    Susie, thank you for the reminder.

    Fortunately with all that is going on I'm about to have a serious workup of everything, and I just had my annual Pelvic/Pap in late December. Plus cholesterol, thyroid and blood sugar. So now... It's all the other fun stuff!
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    I am in the process of finding a new doctor and when I do, I plan on scheduling a full physical. I don't want one, really, but I know that it's time. My current Dr is flaky and always busy to the point that you can't get in for an emergency!

    I hope all the tests come back in a way that you are able to work with.
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    Good reminder. Thanks! I hope everything turns out well for you- I'm glad to see you are getting these things checked out.
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    It's good you remembered your thyroid now.

    As for people finding time to get checked out - remember my mammogram. I hadn't had one for 5 years. My story is similar to Martina Navratilova's - despite a delay in having a mammogram, the cancer that was found was caught at an early stage and prognosis is good. Mine was found to be a slow-growing type, I suspect if I'd gone back for my 2 year mammogram they'd have found it at an even earlier stage (ie not invasive) and I wouldn't even need the radiotherapy I'll be starting next month.

    Of course we put out kids first, but when we neglect our own health, we are neglecting the health of the mother of our children.