Pokin' my head back in again -


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Hi everyone,

Has been a while since last checked in an updated. Loving the changes to the site. Really zonked me when I checked back in though - wasn't expecting it lol

difficult child 1 is doing good. She hit a spiral a couple of months ago. Got her into a psychiatrist here and got her finally diagnosed and tested. I am really satisfied this time. She has a wonderful group that are working with her and golly, she's trying and showing improvement. Actually have gone to the High School and now have a second set of books at home, teaching her to organize, etc. She's still honor roll, in classes that are advanced. She is doing better now that her medication is helping her to deal with some of the ADHD problems that had been diagnosed so long as BiPolar (BP). She has lost so much weight now. Looking good and that helps her confidence as well. She has gotten a part-time job and is teaching little ones dance and cheerleading at a local company. I also have another post that caused the spiral. Any advice on that would be FANTASTICO...!!

difficult child 2 is doing okay as well. I worry though that with the large dose of Concerta and the Depakote that he cannot weigh more than 60-70 lbs regardless. He eats, late at night, during the night and first thing in the morning. During medication times...ha, what a joke, says food is disgusting!!!!! (Sometimes I think of taking some of the Concerta if I could drop weight! lol) Everyone (medically) seems to think he is at a healthy weight. Hmmm...
He goes this month for another MRI to check the cyst he has in his brain. I am confident that things will remain the same and not present a problem.

We moved here 7 months ago, rented a home, hated the area, difficult child 2 was beaten up twice, bought a house in a GREAT subdivision now, changed schools, love it...

Be patient...I know there are greater things to come!!!!



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OMgoodness, Anna, quite the update! Welcome back. I'm a newbie. You sound like you're doing much better, especially the move to a safer neighborhood, the schoolwork, and diagnoses.