Poor Cap'n Morgan

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Feb 6, 2013.

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    He is NOT a happy drunk. Two nights ago husband was drinking coke zero and cinnamon vodka. thank you was, as he does, flipping around. Of course thank you spilled husband's drink.

    Unknown to either of them, as they were getting the paper towels and cleaner to deal with it, Cap'n Morgan tried a taste. And liked it. So he had all he could before they cleaned it up. He started to act very odd, blinking a lot, fell off the back of the couch (he NEVER falls and spends at least half his time there, much of that time asleep!). Finally he went over to Jess, got up in her face, and she smelled the cinnamon. He wanted her to pet him. She stopped after more than half an hour, and he nipped her to get her going again. WHen she finally said no, and put him on the floor, he fell over.

    He did NOT feel good yesterday, and we pushed fluids and let him sleep. husband is under strict orders that drinks with booze are only imbibed from cups with lids, and he must tell thank you not to flip around in the living room when husband has any alcoholic beverages.

    Poor Cap'n Morgan. I don't think he enjoyed the experience. But he is back to his old self today. Obnoxious as that is,lol.
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    :sick:OMG!!!! Poor kitty! I bet he had a heckofa hangover. Yes, be very careful when you leave things out. You never know what our little ones will find appealing.
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    My basset hound loves beer. We have to be very careful to get all empty cans rinsed and into the recycle immediately or he bites through them. Not a real problem as we rarely have it in the house anymore but was a huge a concern when we used to have barbeques/pool parties every summer weekend at our last home. He would knock over the can and lap it all up before anyone could reach him. He used to steal our towels and lay on them too. LOL Such a funny dog. He is old now just lies around but I am sure would still sneak a beer if he had the chance. -RM
  4. AnnieO

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    Sooooo... How does the Cap'n like spiced rum?

    Poor furball. I feel for him... Between the artificial sweetener and the alcohol... Also I read somewhere (though it may be incorrect) that cinnamon can be toxic for cats. I bet he felt horrid. I'm glad he's OK.
  5. Hound dog

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    That curiosity will get em every time. LOL

    Hope he doesn't acquire a taste for it......

    RM our bassets never had a chance to taste it but we've had several in the family that were down and out onary about getting it. brother in law's basset was a naughty boy, he'd spill one first chance he got just so he could lick it up. LOL
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    I had a friend in college who adopted a shelter dog named Boozer. First party he had, we all learned why. Dog wasn't six mos old, but some large breed and wasn't small. He would walk up to a bottle of beer, put his mouth over it and toss his head up and drain in into his mouth. Rule for anything at his house was that if you put your beer down, you owed $200 toward a vet bill, payable immediately. Cause too many idiots thought it was funny to watch the poor thing stagger around. They were not there the next day when the poor dog was sick. The owner was ruthless about the money too. On the plus side, there wasn't much cleanup after parties at his house, because everyone watched their drinks like a hawk. We never did figure out how the dog was taught to do that, but a complaint to the shelter made them investigate the foster family that had been raising the puppy. After the complaint, other people came forward. The family denied it, but over five years worth of fostered dogs all had the same habit. Animal control in that city was on them like you would not believe after that point, and every rescue they tried volunteering with got a file of complaints about alcoholic dogs. It was strange, and I cannot think why anyone would do that to a dog or cat.

    Cap'n won't be getting any more alcohol here. We are not big drinkers and the only reason husband had poured a drink is that he has this cough that nothing is helping. He is on month 3 of it, and the doctor said when it is bad at night to use alcohol because it is still the best cough suppressant. From now on, only in drinks with lids!
  7. StressedM0mma

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    Poor Captain. That must have been one heck of a hangover! On a side note, what is it with these coughs that are not going away??? I had one at Thanksgiving, and it has finally gotten better about a week ago. And I had 2 rounds of antibiotics. difficult child has had hers for more than a month. Had 2 rounds of antibiotics, an inhaler, and is still congested and coughing, but seems a tiny bit better. And, she is never sick like this. She may be "sick" or have a "migraine" but not actually needs antibiotics sick.
  8. HaoZi

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    Poor Cap, glad he's doing better and hope husband is doing better soon, too!