Poor clueless husband.......

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he's really trying to get me to sleep.....set up a meditation area in our bedroom. I can't sit still long enough to meditate about much more than cleaning up under the bird feeders in the morning. Guess who won't have the energy? :smile:

Please forgive my ramblings this evening - my mind feels like it's going just a mile a minute. I'm used to a bit more inner peaceful way of life, even if the tweedles don't help the outside situation.

I expect to crash shortly & get in a few cat naps today....my plan to drive to the pharmacy is on the back burner. Not safe enough to drive with this little sleep under my belt.

I see neurologist on Thursday & my primary care doctor on Wednesday. Maybe between the 2 of them plus rheumatologist we can work on bit on changing this medication nightmare.

I'm off here to clean the kitchen floor & hopefully fall sleep for a few hours.

Sleep well. :beach:

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I'm just about to try my luck on going off to bed, myself. It's almost 4:30am here.

I guess my hormones are outta wack or something. But I'm getting tired of this latest bout of insomnia. :rolleyes:

Hope your able to catch some ZZZZ's Linda.



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Gee, I wish I'd checked the board earlier- we coulda had a pj party! I've been up since around 3 (?). Dang hormones or something :hammer:

Hope you gals can nap, even if I can't (don't think my boss would like it! :wink: ).


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Linda-Hope you were able to get some sleep today! Very sweet of husband even if he is clueless!!


There really isn't much to do at 3 in the morning, is there? I wasn't up with you all last night, but have been many other times.

So sweet of husband to set up a space just for you. I hope the docs get this worked out soon.


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Hopefully it will work out soon. Are you perhaps napping too much during the day? Several short naps can be enough to cut back on your total hours at night.

husband worries about me, too. I'm constantly feeling short of sleep, for various reasons. I'm a very light sleeper through the night so I sleep with ear plugs so I can't hear little night noises, bathroom in use, doors opening/closing and husband snoring (although some of it permeates the ear plugs). Also, if I go to bed early and he's still up, I am in danger of falling asleep first. When that happens, his coming to bed wakes me up and because I've had maybe half an hour's sleep, I won't be able to get back to sleep for a number of hours. It's not uncommon for me to be still awake at 3 am.

husband wakes at 5.50 am when the radio in the bedhead comes on. Because his hearing is getting worse (plus he's getting more tired and it takes more to wake him) he has the radio turned up a lot louder than we used to have it - another reason for me to keep using ear plugs. When difficult child 3 was a baby I used to get up with him and keep him company while he ate breakfast, but these days I grab as much sleep as I can, AND stay out of the way, because BF2 & easy child 2/difficult child 2 are usually getting ready for work too. So husband comes in to wake me up and kiss me goodbye in the morning, just before he heads out the door. That's about 6.45 am, so if I haven't got to sleep until well after 3 am, I have a backlog of power naps to compensate. I get difficult child 3 medicated, breakfasted, dressed (eventually) and schoolwork begun by 8.30 am and from then on, I'm on deck. I might catnap while difficult child 3 is watching his school TV shows, but usually he needs me watching them with him. If so, I use the time to fetch him a snack so he can eat while he's watching the school shows, and then get back to his book work with a satisfied tummy. I can leave him on his own, but any nap I manage to squeeze in often gets interrupted when he has to ask me a question, or chooses to discuss a totally random thought about his computer games. He's got this habit of walking into the room, saying something like, "In Mario Party 4, the course changes direction after each character crosses the bridge," and then walk out. About a minute later he will come back in and say, "So if you're playing it, that can take you by surprise, but if you press both buttons at the same time, some special features can pop up and show you the map."
Just as my head is getting back to whatever I was doing, he's back again with, "Mind you, you have to be careful WHICH buttons you press; the wrong ones can send you back to start."

It's very hard to nap when this happens; a conversation (monologue with me trying to say, "I really don't need to know this,") can last for half an hour or more, during which he can't get any work done until he's got this rubbish off his chest.

Speaking of which - it's just after 11 pm, husband has just come in to the computer room to kiss me good night. That's my cue to get moving and go to bed too, if I want to have some cuddle time before he goes to sleep. I just need to get another book to read, while I wait for husband to fall asleep first...