POOR thank you!!

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  1. susiestar

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    My poor little guy has scrapes and scabs all across his face, hands and knees.They do Walk and Talk before school, where the kids walk around adn talk, keeps them busy and supposedly out of trouble.

    I took thank you in early because he loves this. A girl pushed him from behind and he fell on the black top. The girl claims he hit her, but no one at school believes this.

    My son has a rep at school. Apparently he must, because 4 people called me to tell me he was hurt and that the girl lied about him hitting her. They ALL say he wouldn't have hit her.

    The other kids around say he didn't do anything to the girl.

    The girl seems to have a rep as a troublemaker. I know this must be hard for her parents. She has been hassling (bullying) thank you on the bus. I learned this today. It will stop. Or she will leave.

    Done it before. Will do it again.

    My poor kiddo, he is SOOOO banged up.

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    Oh NO! Poor kid. Make sure you follow thru with her bullying on the bus etc. I know sometimes, we think maybe it won't happend again and we slack a little.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    SOrry for the bully, GO GET EM warrior Mom.

    On the up side - with all those Boo-Boo's you could bandage him up totally and he could go as the Mummy!

    My son got whacked by a little girl bully in 7th grade with her purse. He told her not to hit him again, she swung the purse around and he caught it. The strap broke and the girl went crying to the principal (it was a new purse) the principal suspended my son (looking for any excuse) and called the police - we had to go to arbitration. He had to write her an apology letter. I asked if I could write her parents a letter they said no. So I had difficult child write in his letter that he hopes she has learned that swinging her purse around, hitting him with it and then running to the teacher because it broke when he tried to prevent it from hitting him again wasn't right - but he learned that if a girl swings a purse at you tell the teacher first. The arbitrator laughed out loud. The parents surely found out that way she was in the wrong for hitting him.

    That day my son learned that the pen was mighty.

    The little girl never came near him again.
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    Bullies can be very dangerous to a kid. hope she gets hers.
  5. susiestar

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    Thanks. I know kids get scrapes. thank you however does NOT have the coordination to get his hands out to protect him. I was pleased in his parent-teacher conference to hear that even his teacher recognizes this.

    The office could not have been nicer to him. They even warned him about using soap instead of Germ-X. They explained it has alcohol and other things to fight germs, but it would hurt his scrapes very badly. It made my heart warm when he told me this on the way home. We really do have great support staff at school.

    The bus will have to deal with me tomorrow. And with our principal. The school secretary will make him if he doesn't when I ask.

    I NEED for him to be able to ride the bus home, often I am not able to go and get him. It is a very short afternoon drive. But if he is being bullied I will have someone drive him. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

    I will NOT forget about htis bully. And the bus dept KNOWS it.

  6. Lothlorien

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    Poor kiddo. Sorry he had such a bad day.
  7. mrscatinthehat

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    Hop he is feeling better. Poor guy.

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    I am sorry for thank you - and you because I know it hurts your mommy heart to see this happen.