Positive thoughts needed......

timer lady

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if you can spare them. Foster mum to wm has blood clots in her lungs. The woman is probably the best thing to happen to wm (next to husband & myself) & could use a prayer or two that these things dissolve quickly.

Thanks in advance.

house of cards

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My mother went throught this. I will keep her in my prayers. In my mom's case they put her on blood thinners and put a shunt in a leg vein to catch any other clots. It took awhile for the clots to go away and for her to get her breath back but she is doing well now.

timer lady

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Forgive me - I forgot to use my manners; meant to add a please on the topic line.

Foster mum told me this could take months to clear up. In the meantime, she is to remain quiet physically AND reassured me that she could still keep wm in line.

I didn't need that reassurance - I'm more concerned for FM. She's become a member of this family & I worry for her.

wm is in his own little world - if it doesn't affect him personally, it's not on his radar. FM said that wm hasn't even acknowledged her hospital stay or bedrest at home. For wm, it's status quo.

Thank you for the positive thoughts & prayers.


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Wow, long term... well, sounds like she knows what she has to do. And you definitely care about her and she knows it.
Good luck and positive thoughts coming your way.