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Well, things are moving ahead at lightning speed around here. All good. No difficult child drama, so it's safe to read on...............

My SO and I got married! Now he is my husband. The day after we got married, we found a house we love and put a bid in on it. It was accepted this Tuesday, so we are moving too! If all goes well with all the inspections, we'll be in our new home by Sept. 1st. We are so excited and happy.

We felt differently after we got married, it significantly shifted both of our experience of our connection in a wonderful, new way. And in buying the new home, it cements the viewpoint that this is an entirely new era, for both of us, for all of us.

My granddaughter leaves for college in less then 3 weeks, she has made good friends with her new roommates and is as happy and excited as I've ever seen her. We are going down with her to help her move in and get settled in her dorm.

My daughter continues on the upswing. She is working regularly as a bookkeeper and will be getting a raise soon. She does catering on many weekends. She is slowly fixing her car. She likes her new dwelling a lot and seems as happy there as I've seen her in many years. As we move forward, much of the drama of yesteryear is fading into a memory. I am still cautious, but as she gets more involved in her own life and her own pursuits, and continues to thrive, much of that is diminishing as well.

All of us seem to have completed something significant which allowed us to move forward into new lives. I am moving to another town about 20 minutes from where I've lived for the last 32 years, so that is a big change too. It's a whole new start. Our new home is minutes away from many of our favorite hikes, we're surrounded by mountains and beautiful views.

I'm looking into working at home starting in the new year. I'm just working that out in my mind now, but it seems like a workable, good idea.

We'll be having a reception in our new home once we get settled and then in October we leave for a 2 week trip to Kauai which we planned awhile back and now will be our honeymoon and a rest period after all of the moving and changes. It's all very exciting and so much fun too!

I had a feeling this would all happen, I just didn't know it would all happen at ONCE!

On a difficult child/bio-family level, it feels as if I completed something very important and in doing so, we are all free to move ahead without the old encumbrances...................with a much lighter load and a much lighter heart.

As you all know very well, this path with our adult kids is an experience like no other. We all know how it can change in a moment. Even if it does, now I (we) have the tools to work through it without doing all that damage to ourselves.

Thank you all for the support you've given me these last couple of years.................what a difference it has made! Bless you all.

Wish me luck and say a prayer if you wouldn't mind, that we're all happily on our way..............:biggrin-new:


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oh RE what a wonderful update. First Congratulations on your marriage! That is so wonderful! Then on the house and granddaughter and difficult child and the trip to Hawaii...!

I am so happy for you. Will write more later when not in the car but thank YOU for all you do for me all the time on this board.

Wish we could all meet in person for a wedding shower for you and raise a glass of bubbly in celebration.

There is hope and joy and love to be had!

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thank you so much for sharing, I tend to only post when got a problem... something I need to work on for sure. My life isn't anywhere as miserable as my forum posts would reflect, actually it's pretty wonderful.

thanks again for another uplifting thread; sending hugs and good thoughts


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Many, many hugs and congratulations on your wedding and your new home! You've all worked so hard and what you've visualized has actually materialized. May you have many years of joy, health and contentment in your new home - dare I say...your new LIFE!

So great to read your posts lately - they make me smile and give me hope!


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Congratulations RE!! I'm beyond thrilled for you! What an exciting new chapter! And enjoy every second of Kauai - my favorite place on Earth!

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How exciting for all of us to be sharing this wonderful time with you!

We truly are a family, here.


Raising my own glass of bubbly to COM's, toasting your marriage and happiness.


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It's 8:30 in the morning and I am raising my coffee cup in a salute to your well deserved happiness. I too wish we could have areal party to celebrate your wonderful new life.