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I really thought about whether I should post this. It kind of feels like tempting fate, if you know what I mean! But I'm trying to take life one day at a time and focus on the positives, and so here goes:

We've had a good week! Difficult Child is back on the medication. This week he has visited his psychologist, kept his room clean without prompting, done other chores without complaint and kept regular hours - sleeping at night and awake during the day. He had an old friend come to stay overnight and they played video games together. I was okay with that because I felt like he was being social in a healthy way. He's been out visiting friends too, but has kept me informed of his whereabouts and whether he'll be home for a meal or not. I haven't seen/smelt any evidence of drug use. Most importantly he's followed up on looking for more work and has an informal interview set up for tomorrow. Basically he's respecting our boundaries - at least for the time being.

He told me today that he feels like the medication is working now. (The doctor increased his dose a couple of weeks ago.) I'm feeling less stressed about leaving him while we go away now. Of course there's still three weeks until we go and I know things could change before then, but for today I'm trying to think positively.

Please pray/cross your fingers/send positive vibes that this is the beginning of him turning a corner.


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Wonderful to see them be "normal". Prayers that this continues for you all!

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It's never tempting fate. We learn to take the good days when they come. I'm so glad you shared some good news. :)


Thank you all for the positive thoughts. He went to the interview and starts a trial week of employment on Monday. I'm crying with happiness right now. I know that there's still a long way to go, but this is the biggest positive step forward he's taken in a long time. He also talked to a previous landlord about getting a reference and she said she would happily give him one. (This is from a house he rented a couple of years ago before he went right off the deep end.) She also said she would happily have him back if her new tenants move on, so that made him happy. I kind of feel like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel but I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself.


Just a quick update. He got himself up and off to work this morning without any intervention from us. Had to be at work at 7.30am. I was worried he wouldn't wake up and I was determined not to wake him but I did get up at 6.30 to see if he was up and he was. He finishes at 4.30pm so I'm holding my breath to see how the first day goes. I'm trying hard not to pin too much hope on this, but I have to admit I will be really disappointed if it doesn't work out. Anyway, one day at a time...


Just a quick update. It's been two weeks now. He's worked every day and seems to be liking it. He asked his boss how he was doing and the boss said he was very happy with him so far.

He's been better at letting us know whether he'll be home for dinner or not and has managed to keep his room reasonably clean and his laundry up to date. Still seeing the psychologist and taking his medications, although he doesn't seem to grasp that the medication should ideally be taken at the same time each day.

I'm holding my breath a little - waiting for the fall. I know that seems pessimistic, but I'm afraid to hope for the best.

We go on holidays in a week and I'm feeling much more comfortable about leaving him home alone, so that's something. His mental health seems vastly improved. He's socializing lots but I haven't seen any evidence any drug use. Of course that could be happening when he's out of the house. Still, all in all it's a vast improvement from where we were a couple of months back.

I'm just praying that things stay this way.