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    I was watching an episode of Dr. Phil on youtube about being afraid of your violent child. He mentioned a specific doctor and a place that he (Dr. Phil) thinks is the best a testing and diagnosis and treatment. I went to the website for this place and they do have an approach I have not seen in any one place. It combines various things liek brain mapping and PET scans with the sort of testing that the dev pediatrician we used to see did - psychologists and neuropsychs from different specialties all tested Wiz and got a much firmer diagnosis than anyone before or since. If the neurological/brain testing had been added it could have done so much more, possibly.

    If you want the info, send me a pm. I know it can be super hard to find someone to do even the most basic testing, much less to find and get an appointment with a doctor or practice to look at ALL the testing. I used to think that we were moving to more comprehensive multidisciplinary testing, but now I think that is a pipe dream much of the time. The doctor who did Wiz testing died recently after closing the practice due to charges of abusing patients. we never had any problems, but it still was scary to learn that. We have 3 psychiatric hosps for kids with-in two hours of us, but NONE do multidisciplinary testing and most don't do much more than the adhd rating scales and then have the nurses observe the kids if they are inpatient. Kids are lucky to see the doctor for five min once or twice a week. And that is at the PRIVATE PAY psychiatric hospital.

    I don't know how great Dr. Phil is as a doctor, and I sure think his show barely glosses the surface of whatever issue they are talking about, but this may be a resource that could help. So I figured it wouldn't help t share it if anyone wants it.

    Oh, the place is in Texas, if that helps anyone.
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    I know where you are talking about. It does sound interesting.