Possible thyroid issues, or just ADHD/Depression? Confused!


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Hi everyone! Well, I am still fairly new but have posted several times before. I am probably not using proper forum etiquette yet-sorry. :)
So, my 8 year old, who is currently diagnosed with ADD, depression and sensory processing disorder (SPD), is still having some issues. He is doing MUCH MUCH better than he was at the beginning of summer though! He is currently on 1/2 mg Risperdal 2x's daily (which we have to change due to high prolactin levels), 50 mg Zoloft, and 18 mg Concerta.
We had an initial apt with neuropsychologist a week and a half ago for personality testing (basically she interviewed us, and I filled out a stack of paperwork). The day before his neuropsychologist testing, his psychiatrist called and said his bloodwork results were in (had blood drawn 2 weeks ago). She said all was fine except prolactin levels, and his TSH and T3 (thryroid) were normal, BUT on the high end of normal. She said with these high normal readings, kids can experience problems with mood, behavior, etc. So, I called the neuropsychologist to report this to her, and she said to go ahead and still bring him in the following day for his scheduled testing, which we did. We get his results this Thursday, and I have to admit I am a little nervous.
So, of course right now I am wondering if some of his behavior problems are due to his thyroid? His aunt has hashimotos disease (her thyroid doesn't work at all and she needs medications) and my mom has thyroid issues as well. We are seeing a pediatric endocrinologist in a couple of weeks about the thyroid because when I told my pediatrician about these "high normal" readings, she said that shouldn't have any affect on his behavior at all. I have 2 totally different opinions from the psychiatrist and pediatrician! So, that why I am taking him to see a pediatrician. endocrinologist.
I am just stuck here-wondering what is going on??? Has anyone ever heard of someone having "high normal" thyroid readings and having it affect them? His TSH was 4.320, by the way.....
His blood test results also showed a high red blood cell count, high HGB, HGC and a couple others. I looked this up online, and found several different ideas of course. But one thing I kept reading was a possible low iron or B complex vitamins could cause these high levels. So maybe I should supplement him with these. I also wonder about diet-like going gluten-free. I am just trying to figure out what is going on here-does my son have thyroid issues, low vitamins, ADHD/Depression, Aspergers (I seriously wonder and he was tested by neuropsychologist for this)? We are getting our results from neuropsychologist this week, and he will see the endocrinologist next week, and that will help get us closer to some answers. Thanks you all-my son is such a great kid-I love him tremendously and won't ever give up on him. :)


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We've walked that road... what to try, how fast to move in whatever direction... and it's all on OUR plate (as parents).

Dietary and/or supplement issues... may be A factor, but are less likely to be THE root cause. Medical issues (such as thyroid problems) can be A factor. For example, many Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)/Aspie kids do better on girlfriend or CF diets and/or without food dyes etc. but this does not remove the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)/Aspie "wiring", it just makes it a lot easier to live with.

In some ways, you are better off to have gone through comprehensive evaluation BEFORE trying the diet stuff (JMO, but... typically the testers do not see the complete spectrum that makes up our kids, so if we can present them at their "worst" we tend to get more accurate results). Once you get your results, there is nothing wrong with trying various dietary interventions... one at a time, so you know which one(s) have impact. I'm CF... we went CF with our kids, then challenged them back with dairy a few years later... and they no longer need that restriction (I'm still CF, after 40+ years). Medical issues such as thyroid (or sleep issues or whatever other ones come up) need to be addressed as medical issues.

I think you're not the right track!


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It's always good to check out everything. I did. I do mean EVERYTHING from genetics testing, to diabetes and other endocrine disorders testing, allergies, etc. and although some stuff showed up mildly, in the end it is his Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) causing any problems he has. I suspect it's the same with your child, but I would leave no stone unturned.

None of us can diagnose. Wish we could. We'd save one another a lot of money :)


Firefly2, InsaneCdn and MidwestMom just gave you great advice and actually answered my own thought on trying the vitamins before the appointment! I will also wait now!! Your doing the the right thing by going to another specialist, the more solid answers you have, the more you can help


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Thank you all! I agree-I think food, possible thyroid, not getting enough sleep some nights-these all affect him but my gut tells me they aren't the root cause. :) I wish I could diagnose-I can drive myself crazy at times trying to figure it all out. :) I will let everyone know what the neuropsychologist says Thursday!!!