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    Abbeys post about the pet bird reminded me of a joke that I heard and it made me laugh so hard I just had to write in about it.
    So here goes:
    This guy lives alone and is lonely and wants a pet so he decides to get a parrot cause he can teach it to talk. He goes to the local pet store and is walking aroud checking out all the talking parrots he comes across this cage to thie beautiful red, blue, yellow and green parrot he notices on the parrots cage that it says DO NOT talk to me I am not nice....
    So he goes to the store owner and asks him why the parrot is not nice the owner tells the man that the parrot has a potty mouth and he says all sorts of bad words. The man thinks about this for quite a while and says to the owner I want to buy the bird the owner replies sir I really think you should buy a different bird we have many others. The man insists on the potty mouth parrot he says I will teach him to say nice thing you will see.
    The owner lets the man buy the parrot. He takes the parrot home and puts him in the cage and says polly want a cracker f---k you the parrot says so the man puts a sheet over the cage he comes back about an hour later and lifts the sheet and says polly want a cracker lard a-- didn't learn first time. This goes on for days and finally the man gets an idea.
    He walks over to the cage and lifts the sheet and says polly want a cracker go f---k yourself comes out of the parrot this time so he takes the parrot out of the cage and sticks him in the freezer and shuts the door. In 10 min he reopens the fridge says polly want a cracker f---k you so he slams the freezer door waits another 10 min opens it again and says polly want a cracker the bird replies.............

    Excuse me sir I just have one small question from you what did the fricken chicken do? :rofl: :rofl: :smile: :smile:
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    That was good!! What a polite bird!
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    Obviously a difficult child bird. :rofl:
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    That was a good one!
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: The_Loan_Ranger</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Obviously a difficult child bird. :rofl: </div></div>

    I swear Star, sometimes you read my mind!

    Great Joke!

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    That was too funny. They are stubborn, yet smart creatures.