Update and let down? Maybe? Kinda...


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Hey all. Just a quick update. I've been ill and not up to getting on here.

Did I mention our travel trailer? I'll do that on the Watercooler.

So son should have his stent out by now and be about healed up. Last time we talked he said he thinks he has a job lined up for when he's better - either back to Pizza Hut or a security guard job at the same clinic his wife works. I don't care so long as there's WORK.

I know nothing else new.

A quick note about the trailer - we bought it in part because we thought it would be fun and going out to Colorado would be awesome with it. Now...we have vacation the first week of October, but he's moving here! We'd like to go somewhere on our vacation, but don't know when they plan to move...I wonder if I should ask if there's a time frame? Or just make the plans and hope for the best?


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I would make my plans according to my own life , and let him fit into that rather than the other way around . Is he moving in with you?!


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Lil, It's good to see you again. I too have not been on here for a long time. Congratulations on your nrw daughter in love. Stick to your guns. They will figure it out. Your plans for retirement sound awesome


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We have a large camper and may start using that to travel in the winter too. So I love your idea. We need to get away, not just move an hour away. We have relatives in other states.

It sounds as if your family is doing well and I am very happy for you.

My daughter Kay can never ever live with us. It would kill my husband. Seriously! She is in another state and I hope she never moves near us again.