postpartum pulmonary embolism

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    sun easy child collapsed massive chest pain couldn't breathe. er refused to do radiographic ct with-radioactive contrat due to baby never haveing had any bottle of any kind & referred to specialist. specialist said yesterday he didn't think it was pp pe but....if symptoms came back -call. symptoms returned tonite & easy child is now in hospital haveing more tests. it is SO scary.
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    How scary, I hope they can treat her before any damage is done. Please keep us posted -- sending up prayers for her!
  3. Hound dog

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    OMG!! I am so very very sorry!!!

    Major prayers going up for your easy child and you too! Please keep us updated on her condition.

  4. dreamer

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    to add to the daddy has had a major serious turn of personality-shocking violent & aggressive.. he was at work dureing the crisis sun....when he got here after me & husband asked him to watch easy child & baby as due to mini crisises unending with- difficult child & son me & difficult child hadn't eaten since fri so we were going to the corner for soup. we were gone less than 1 hour & both of us had our cell phones. we were like 2 blocks away. we gt home & found boyfriend had LEFT to go for ride in his bros new used car! I blew up yelled at him for leaving ill easy child & baby with- easy child. he shoulda called & asked us to come back or he shoulda waited for us. he should NOT leave possible pp pe easy child & baby alone after telling us hed stay here. well boyfriend didn't take getting yelled at & always calm peaceful boyfriend blew. decided to tell me very loudly in front yard to um 6th letter of alphabet myself. was gonna punch me....i told him be quiet & go home so he punched his car calling me names. he came back 10 mins later burst in wanted 'his son' & decided to scream at my husband what a horrid father husband had been due to ptsd catatonia etc & he decided to challenge my husband to a fistfite?!? nice. um boyfriend hasn't paid for one thing for easy child or baby...complained I fell asllep dureing labor for 10 mins but he didn't get to.....but he's gonna beat me & husband up? all while easy child is here uncertain diagnosis & so sick? boyfriend had NEVER even hinted at behavior even remotely like this before & easy child & him have been together like 4 years.
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    to my horror I was at store replaceing our drinking glasses cuz dishwasher rack broke & broke all our glasses when this happened easy child was talking to boyfriend & he came got here before me....& he took baby.........darned easy child didn't want to rile him so.......he demanded he was taking baby & easy child himself even tho he doesn't drive good & stinks at hospitals & stinks at babycare....but easy child wanted to keep it calm so.........easy child is now there without me or husband! we are livid & scared.
  6. Andy

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    Oh no! That is horrid! How very scary! Please continue to keep us informed. Where did boyfriend take the baby? Does he have relatives (parents) nearby? easy child does not need to be wondering where her baby is while she is un diagnosed with chest pains. If she is still nursing I hope he is watching that clock.

    Or does he have easy child with him also? She should not be on her feet at all until the diagnosis is made. I was put on a week's bed rest with leg pains when difficult child was 2 weeks old just because it MAY be something though we didn't think so. Still, midwife threatened to hospitalize me if she even thought I would be on my feet. I hope easy child is off hers.
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    boyfriend has baby & easy child @ hospital.....but babys gonna hafta get formula for 24 - 48 hours cuz of tests easy child is getting......boyfriend hasn't so far taken care of baby.....he takes baby from me & difficult child here & takes baby to easy child ....he resists taking any care of baby. not sure why he took baby with.......& we've gotten no updates yet.......
  8. dreamer

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    after bfs idiocy sun nite easy child decided to go to her friends with-baby to get away from the chaos BUT mon she connected with-boyfriend.......& since then she's been going to meet him all over......& taking care of baby without boyfriend here even pretending to help. sigh. she said mom he's babys the moment that's not quite the title I'd give him.......
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    I'm so scary for you. Saying prayers for easy child and her little one. Please keep us posted.
  10. susiestar

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    That outburst sounds scary. Be SURE you document it. Any chance he is using drugs to "cope" with the stress of fatherhood? Not that he should be stressed, sounds like he gets the "prestige" of being a daddy and none of the responsibility.

    I hope easy child wises up soon. If he isn't paying, he needs to be. No way should easy child or you and husband be paying all those bills!

    I am praying for easy child. I hope that it is not pp pe, but if it is I hope she gets the care she needs. Can you get to the hospital to help her out?
  11. Fran

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    dreamer, your daughter is an adult with a child. She has made choices. It sounds like you have made your feelings known to daughter, now step back. Disengage and let the new family figure it out. If they need advice they are welcome to call and ask but this is a good time to practice disengagement. It is not your job to teach boyfriend to be a dad and it's too late to teach daughter how to make babies safety first. I have a feeling that boyfriend has behaved this way with daughter before. She doesn't sound shocked.

    It is the boyfriend's job to take care of the mother of his child. Let him be the man. Seems like he is having trouble thinking or is taking drugs or is in mental breakdown.

    Daughter and baby's safety is the priority but you can not protect daughter from her own choices. Ugh! I'm sorry that infant is in the middle of all the ugliness.
  12. dreamer

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    well er said ct angio is clear but now liver enzymes in 400s. I suggested check gall bladder....then er dr ordered tylenol & discharge with- followup today with- another specialist. easy child & baby live with- me......boyfriend doesn't. easy child does ALL baby care......i take care of home here. no boyfriend had never ever ever even raised voice to easy child not ever not even once....but in dec we found out his mom has been dxled 2 seperate times scizophrenia. sigh
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    Dreamer, I am so sorry that things are not going well. It is so stressful to be a new parent without health problems and other stress adding to the mix. Hopefully easy child will get well soon and boyfriend will settle into his new role. Most teen fathers have no idea how to parent. He will have to be taught with kid gloves.
  14. TerryJ2

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    Oh, dear. What a mess.
    Well, it sounds like they're starting to weed out things in regard to a diagnosis for easy child. It may be a long process.
    Interesting that boyfriend's mom had schizoaffective disorder. It can be genetic. Sigh. Once easy child feels better, I hope she can influence him to get a diagnosis and medications. It's going to be very hard.
    Stay strong ... and calm. It's so hard.
  15. eekysign

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    *hugs* Sounds like EVERYONE'S under a lot of stress. Remember, too, that although boyfriend might just be a sleaze-o in hiding, even you said you'd never seen him act this way before. His long-term girlfriend is having major health issues, and he's got a newborn in the picture.

    I think I might be freaking out/acting inappropriately, too. :p
  16. Hound dog

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    Document the incident. Odds are boyfriend was scared out of his mind and overwhelmed. His reaction most certainly wasn't good.....But not all people react well to such situations. Being immature and inexperienced most likely exacerbated it as well.

    So. Has the PP PE already been diagnosed? Or are they now thinking it's something else.......or is the liver enzyme a new wrinkle? Sorry, just trying to get the picture in my head. I'm relating it to my easy child who is very worried for your daughter.......and sends her love by the way.

    It has been a hellish 10+ months for you and daughter. OMG and now this.

    When boyfriend calms down.....the three of you....daughter, boyfriend and you need to sit down and come up with a plan for such circumstances, You know, who handles baby, who does what so that everyone knows what's going on.

    If this is not behavior that is characteristic of boyfriend, odds are he was panicked. And I've seen my own easy child react with anger during panic. Fear of the unknown is the worst fear of all. When he's calm, explain in layman's terms what's going on with daughter medically and what it means. That may do tons to relieve many of his fears, even though there is still reason to worry.

    I'm so sorry you and daughter are having to go thru so much. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. dreamer

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    sorry my info is erratic. my cell phone dislikes posting. gr. lol. boyfriend isn't real mature & a lil add inattentive. sweetest guy in the world. his mom broke up his family 4 yrs ago & both parents dropped the ball & he's been mostly ours ever since....but sometimes he struggles with- that internally missing his bio family & having difficulty feeling secure here. he didn't pay attn/understand his moms illness diagnosis & symptoms & didn't realize till this dec shed been twice diagnosed schizophrenic. so none of us knew. I worry....i know there's a genetic factor & I know it can manifest this age & also in high stress. we've been working with him..helping him grow...he has a steady solid full time job swing manager at mcds of 3 yrs & is in criminal justice full time at comm coll. easy child is full time student & on medicaleave head cashier .ost 4 yrs our lrg chain grocery. we love boyfriend & we hope to help the little family continue to learn & grow
  18. dreamer

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    easy child collapsed sun went to er had ekg & xrays but er doctor wanted specialist to do lung ct angio bc of baby nurseing. er thought pp pe. er sent her home & pulm dr made appointment for wed. pulm dr decided pp pe risk was low sent her home said call if it happens again. it happened we called he said go directly to er they're waiting to do ct angio with- contrast. it took er more than 4 hours to intake her they then bickered about scan....they lost the labwork etc from labwork & scan showed bad liver but scan did rulee out pp pe. so they sent her home very early this am to have her arrange appointment with- liver dr. sigh grrr. but supposed sun her liver was normal & now enlarged & labs are 400+. grrrrr
  19. Hound dog

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    Liver is not good news. But I'm much relieved to hear that the PP PE has been ruled out. So will keep praying hard that the liver issue will turn out to be easily treatable and cause daughter no lasting issues.

    Schizophrenia is common in my family. I understand your worry and am glad you're keeping an eye on boyfriend for possible symptoms ect. But even if it were to turn out he also has the diagnosis......for many who do, with a good solid treatment plan, appropriate medications, education about the disorder, they live fairly normal lives with long periods of "remissions".

    These kids have been carrying a heavy load (and you too!!) for many months now. Stressful for anyone, but being young and inexperienced ect, even more stressful for them. They are lucky to have you and husband supporting them and guiding them.

    My easy child will also be relieved there is no PP PE. phew whew on that one! (scary as h*ll)

    Keep us updated.