Prayers please


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PCdaughter's exbf Justin (we are still close with his family and easy child and boyfriend's sister are still bestfriends) was in a bad wreck last night on his motorcycle. He has a broken back, tibia, knee, wrist, serious concussion, and other possible injuries. His mom texted me today and easy child and I went up to see him a little while ago. He looks awful. Some of you may remember that the guy she broke up with to date Justin was killed in a wreck 5 months after she dumped him and she struggled with a lot of guilt. The boyfriend before him also wrecked 5 months after they broke up. It has been 5 months since she and Justin broke up. I think she thinks she cursed. She sat beside him and cleaned up some dried blood on his face and patted his arm. Before she left she kissed his cheek. I don't want her to go back with him because it was a disaster the first time. Pray that he recovers and she remains distant.
May he be in the comforting, healing arms of God.
May your daughter be at peace while Justin recuperates.
God's graces to the doctors as Justin heals.

Blessings to all.


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Praying he heals well and is ok, and hoping your daughter keeps it in perspective that she cares for him, family friend type thing, and once assured he will be ok long term, she can go back as it was, distant.


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Here's hoping she keeps it in perspective and doesn't take this personally.

Our easy child broke up with BF1 twice, each time a year apart. They got back together each time after about two months. Each time, they had grown a little more and had more maturity. Now they seem the perfect couple, when years ago, husband & I worried about her getting involved with this shiftless layabout with no ambition. Crikey, how things have changed!