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    doctor thinks we might have a new baby to love by valentines day. easy child has gained 20 #s in last 2 weeks...........and doctor decided to a ?stretch and sweep today. So easy child is kinda miserable uncomfortable ever since, today. I think doctor began to worry about size of easy child and size of baby. easy child is not very big herself. yesterday her belly button burst and has been bleeding ever since. soooooooooooo.............i gave a checklist to the new father to be of things he needs to do- such as keep his cell charged and ANSWER it if we call. and keep cash in his pocket............and do not stay up all nite playing videogames with his between going to college all day and working at nite, he needs to now sleep when he can....oh and keep his car with gas in it. yes, everything else has been ready for weeks. except the boyfriend took their digital camera for a school project and he left it somewhere, so I told him he has to find it NOW.
    silly easy child bought tickets to medievel times for saturday...............LOL.......its 90 mins from home.

    so- keep a good thought for her and new baby. :) thanks.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    How exciting! I hope everything goes smoothly for her and the baby.
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    That is great Dreamer!! I was really worried about her for a while but it sounds like everything will be ok- except her belly button bursting- I didn't even know that could happen. Is that dangerous??

    Well- I will be awaiting the news so be sure and let us know as soon as you can!!
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    thanks. :DUm, I never had such a thing happen to pregs were totally different from hers, and I am taller by far and bigger all over and lost 80 pounds instead of gaining and never did look preg at all even when I went into full term and labor. BUT one of difficult children friends belly button did the same thing. Im wondering if younger girls have it happen more easily? or smaller girls? or maybe the generation now? sure seems to me the girls now carry different than many of us 20 years ago. bigger, higher?

    whew yikes, this weather has been weird. you know we broke all kinds of records all winter, for snowfall, and cold and ice and floods and even for warm. and again yesterday we got record warmth and now today it is thunderstorming and the wind is so wicked. I hope it does not turn to ice. I AM grateful the hospital is only a cpouple miles away. "My" labors were FAST...........5 hours with difficult child, 15 minutes with easy child broke my water for those....but then youngest..his water broke on its own, but he had me in labnor 19 hours, LOL..............silly child. and I was AND my babies all left hospital when all my babies were less than 2 hours old. and.I felt GREAT. LOL went out to eat on way home with difficult child. went to grocery store on way home with easy child and went and took final exams at college and then took newborn son to my work to show him off to the people living in the nurseing home where I worked before coming home after haveing him. I have a feeling easy child will NOT feel quite THAT good, LOL
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    How exciting-a new baby to love!! Can't wait to hear the good news.

    Off topic-I've always wanted to go to Medieval Times. We also live about an hour and a half from there-it sounds like a ton of fun.
  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful I didn't know your belly buttom could actually burst either! Personally, with all the issues she's had and this close to term it would be wise to nix the Medeviel Times trip.

    The 20 lbs is good.....but that bursting belly button has me a bit worried. That indicates she's gaining faster than her skin can compensate for. No signs it's water weight? B/p good??

    I was huge with Travis. And I'm under 5 feet tall. But mine was excess amniotic fluid, not actual pounds. Evidently the boy had an ocean to swim in. lol

    Hope all goes well and soon you have a new little bundle of joy to love. I haven't seen new baby Brandon since he was born.........easy child gave the the nasty respiratory virus she's had for a while and I won't go near the baby with it. So instead she puts him up to the phone so I can hear his grunts and coos. :D

    Keep us Updated!

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    when easy child made the reservations for medication times I questioned her, LOL.silly kid. oh well, live and learn, her doctor said if she is not yet in full labor to go ahead and go, LOL. my difficult child was born at the hospital just a couple blocks down from medication times, LOL.we used to live there.
    the doctor did not say anything about the weight, but her blood pressure was good, but.I was also concerned, worrying, cuz it just seemed too much too fast, and I think thats why the doctor went ahead and did this stretch and sweep thing today. I think she is starting to be concerned. we were glad when easy child stopped loseing and began to gain but........this last month she has almost doubled her pre preg weight now! after first loseing so much? and yes she is huge.and the baby seems to have plenty of room to be moving a LOT. and she is carrying high, real high.

    I have noticed the docs do not any of them seem to talk much to the patients, not sure if it is the young patients or all the patients or maYBE CUZ THEY KNOW i AM A NURSE (i HOPE thats NOT THE CASE, BECUZ i AM not OB-GYNE OR LABOR/DELIVERY) OOPS SORRY FOR THE CAPS..pcS LAPTOP IS..... um hard for my arthritic fingers, LOL. they did NOT have a childbirth class.and wic also did not discuss labor..........the kids know nothing.and I hesitate to share much of my own experience becuz.......mine was so................easy. (except for my 14 miscarriages, my pregs that resulted in my 3 kids were a breeze) doctor just tells easy child she will "know" when it is time, and if easy child is "unsure" to just call or pop in for a visit. well, anyway I have sent the whole family off to their rooms to get some sleep....LOL...........mostly becuz "I" wanted to rest up for the big event. LOL. gosh I am so excited! but also a little scared, too.
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    Baby hasn't dropped yet?

    On TLC there is a show called Birth Day. They show moms going thru labor and delivery. I dunno when it airs as I haven't watched it in ages. I know it's still on because easy child was watching it recently. Might give her an idea of what to expect and make it a bit less scary.

    What I did for Nichole.......If I though doctor wasn't giving enough info or info was way over her head in tech terms.........I'd speak up and make him explain at her level or ask questions for her. Sometimes this irritated Nichole, but usually she was grateful because she felt overwhelmed by it all.

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    I am excited for your new baby, but worried about easy child. 20 lbs in 2 weeks? I think much of that may be water weight, I hope that you can check her blood pressure at home to keep an eye on it.

    The book "What to expect when you are expecting" has some good info on the delivery process, but my favorite one was "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy" by Vicky Iovine. If you can check the library for it, or if she is up to sitting in the bookstore for a little while to read it, it was excellent. because my kids were 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 I read up for each one.

    You could also let her post questions here and we could give her some ideas. I know each one of mine was different. With Jessie I was out of the hospital in 24 hours, much to my mother's HORROR. There was a LOT of talk about hospital infections in babies and new mothers and I wanted OUT OF THERE. Esp when I saw some of the nurses - one had the most horrendous BO and dirty fingernails. I was a "bad" patient because I wouldn't let her NEAR us. The doctor even scolded me until I asked if he could smell and if he had looked at her fingernails. Gloves are no excuse for dirty hands. And it wasn't stained hands, like you get working on cars or with food color. It was FILTH.

    With Wiz I was in the hospital for 5 days. It was not a c section, just a "regular" birth but the doctor kept me because he was worried about Wiz. His head size was 17 inches, and though the pediatrician would not admit it was worrisome, it WAS. The dev pediatrician thinks it may have contributed to the Asperger's. Esp since I was 2 weeks past the due date from when I KNEW I got pregnant and the doctor wouldn't ever admit it - though the pediatrician said it was clear to her he was "overdone".

    Anyway, I hope her belly button isn't too painful. I worried about that while I was preggo, each time.

    I think what the doctor may have done is to go in and stretch the cervix and then try to work the sac away from the uterine wall, this is supposed to help bring on labor and make the water break. I had it done 2 times with Wiz - doctor said it was the easiest he had ever done because I was at 4 cm. I am sorry if this is what the doctor did - it HURT. A friend of mine had the option and chose not to after the doctor started - she kicked him in the nuts because it hurt so bad. Wasn't aiming for that, just got him!

    I will keep all of you in my prayers for a safe, easy labor and delivery that results in a healthy baby and a healthy mommy.

    by the way - one of the things I was trained on in Barnes and Noble is that they encourage people to come in and jsut read a book, even students to come in and do research as long as they are not rough with the books. So don't feel bad if she wants to get out and you can take her to one so she gets an idea of what to expect.

    Gentle hugs, and lots of sleep NOW, my friend!
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    I think that new happy face avatar expresses your joy over the impending baby arrival.