Principal to conduct biz from the roof

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    difficult child's class is working on a project to read for 100,000 minutes. If they achieve it within the set time length, the principal will conduct her business from the roof for one day. LOL!
    difficult child has read about 4 hrs so far. One girl in his class read 5 hrs straight the day she found out about it. Boy, they want that prinicipal on the roof! :laugh:

    This is the note I got in email this afternoon:

    Great news – in our quest to read 100,000 minutes by April 8, to date our students have read 32,445 minutes!! Guess I better start dusting off the roof! Way to go!!!
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That's so cool!

    One year, our principal and vice principal promised to dance on the roof in their pajamas if the school met a fundraising goal.

    It was HYSTERICAL watching them boogey in their flannel p.j.'s that morning!

    Why can't teachers use similar motivational techniques for kids more often?

    difficult child 1 had a soccer coach that promised to wear the Wendy's girl wig (Pippy Longstocking's twin) to their next game if they won a particular game against one of their tougher rivals.

    They won.

    He showed up in the wig. It was awesome! :D
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    Aw, cute.

    Well, I think some teachers are not into the on-stage thing. They just want to teach, and worry that too much silliness will take away from teaching time.

    difficult child's school has a lot of this stuff, but they have strict parameters, too. For ex., the kids can dress up for Halloween but cannot wear masks.
    On Mon., it's Cat In The Hat Day, so kids can wear red shirts and any Cat/Seuss attire they have at home. But is associated with-reading.
    You get the idea.
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Life needs to include lessons in relaxation and enjoyment -- even in structured settings.
  5. cadydid

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    I think this is a fabulous idea! I wish the schools around here would try something like this..
  6. Hound dog

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    Such fun!!! I bet the kids get him up on that roof! :rofl:

    I remember my 6th grade teacher. Wonderful woman. Strict as they come, good ol' fashioned teacher. BUT she also had the fabulous talent of being about to find books that kids LOVE. So, if we did well all day during our assignments.......the last hour of class she'd read us a book. Books like James and the Giant Peach, Wednesday Witch, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Without us knowing it, she not only got us onboard acedemically, but she hooked the lot of us onto reading. lol :D

    I remember when the kids were in grade school in Dayton. The school had a "penny drive". If the kids reached a certain goal of so many thousands of pennies.......the principal was going to buy all the classes pizzas from Dominos. These kids were searching for pennies everywhere. lol
  7. JJJ

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    Bet she did know :) :) :)
  8. Wiped Out

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    Sounds like fun and good motivation. One time our principal set a reading goal to bring in a military helicopter (I don't remember what kind). It landed right on school grounds and the kids were able to sit in the helicopter. They had a ton of fun.
  9. TerryJ2

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    It is fun to motivate kids in diff ways like that!!!
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    I remember one year the principal kissed a pig when the kids met the reading goal. Another year, the principal and vice principal dyed their hair...half black, half red, to represent the school colors. And of course, the roof thing.

    I think these are great motivators, and the kids definitely come through!
  11. TerryJ2

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    Did she kiss it on the lips?
    Just wondering. :)