proof positive it does work


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #333399"> literally for years i have encouraged my son (20/ADD) to carry a notebook...paper or keep track of appointment, phone calls to be returned, etc.

he remained resistant.....until a few months ago. he had phone calls to return this a.m. ~~~ important ones. when i checked with-him he'd done all the follow up he needed to do BECAUSE he is now writing things down in a notebook he carries with-him.

so yes, it may take time to sink in, but it does eventually.

i'm beaming.

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Wow, Kris,
I am very impressed and happy for you. My almost 23 yr old son has ADHD and still won't carry an appointment. book or write down what he needs to do, etc. My 16 yr old dtr doesn't have ADHD but does have dissociative disorder so she too is very unorganized, lives in a mess, can't remember what she is supposed to do, etc. but she won't write stuff down either. I have told both of them that every day I have a written list of things I need to do or remember, that I can't keep it all in my head. So glad your son is coming around!



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Glad to hear it's working. I have to write down everything or I'll forget. My bosses have finally learned to get over the fact that I "waste time" writing notes to myself. I write a list of what I have left to do at work, what needs stocked and so forth. Same goes for at home, every apt is wrote down twice and a reminder put on my computer or I forget. It took a teacher in 4th grade to get me to relize that I need little reminders. She made me a list of everything I needed for school and my mom posted it on our front door so I wouldn't forget. As my kids get older I plan on doing the same with them.


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That is great! I wonder why they are so resistant to do this at the beginning. Maybe it is denial. It is good he realized he needed to do it, and it is working!


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Hmmm well I wish my easy child would do this. I got a call from her dr today reminding her of her appointment tomorrow and of course she had forgotten. Then she wanted me to cancel it and I said no. I'm hoping if she has to do this herself too often she willstart remembering to write things down.

Good for J.



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There is hope!

Congratulations, Kris. And he's only 20. My husband is 46 and he still refuses to make a list and then gets mad at me for not reminding him in a timely manner.

I couldn't survive without my multiple to-do lists.



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It's amazing how well things work when they actually do them! I'm glad he decided that he needed to take some action of his own. Good work!

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Isn't it wonderful when what we try so hard to teach them finally seeps in thru the cracks in their skulls?? :grin:

Good for difficult child! :bravo: I'm grinning from ear to ear too. :smile:


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Awesome that he's taking on that responsibility. I'm like oceans-I can't figure out why they are so resistant to do it. My son has been told by more than one therapist/teacher/boss/parent/etc. that he needs to do something similar, but so far he refuses, too. When he was working, he couldn't even remember his schedule from day to day, and once showed up for work four hours early. You give me hope, though, that someday...

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:bravo:Way To Go difficult child!

Kris-It's great when what you've been saying finally sinks in! Good work :warrior:


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #3333FF"> trust me, it's been literally years of nagging, pleading, begging & gentle/not so gentle nudges lol. he's only been doing it consistantly for about two months now.

there have been other times when he's come to me with-one *revelation* or the other ~~~ with-a smirk on his face lol ~~~ & i've looked at him & asked where i might have heard that particular insight before. roflmao!

for the life of me i don't get why they don't just accept that we *KNOW* these things work. their lives....and OURS...would be so much easier.

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