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    So we started difficult child son on propanolol a couple weeks ago, started at 5mg twice a day for a week and just bumped up to 10mg twice a day starting last night and this morning. I really hope what I am seeing today is a result of the medication and not just a good day. Once his medications were in his system, he is so much calmer and pleasant. husband and difficult child dtr are not up yet, so we have not done our egg hunt yet. I have not heard a peep out of him about this. Since my kiddos are old enough to know the real deal about the easter bunny, I just figured we would wait untill the kids were up and then hopefully wake up husband. difficult child son has not said one word, has not begged to hunt eggs, has been great.

    I played monopoly with him. I normally do not like to play this with him, as we will set a time limit and he is always begging to play longer, gets mad if he does not win, etc etc. We did not set a time limit, and at one point he asked how long we were going to play. I said untill 9 or 9:30. Usually a time range like that will set him off (I was not thinking). It did not even phase him. He tried to cheat a couple times and I called him on it and he just accepted it. Usually that would have been a meltdown. At about 10 till 9 he asked if I wanted to stop. I said it did not matter, I could quit or keep playing. He said we could quit! That would have never happened before, he would have been argueing about something. Then when it came time to count our money and properties to see who won, He just asked me how many whole sets of properties I had and how many 500$ bills I had. I told him. He said well it is close enough that he thought we could say we tied! He never never never ever would have done that. He is so into winning and losing. It was awesome. We will see how the rest of the day and days in the future go, but this is a holiday and usually that means it is going to be a day from hades!

    Isn't propanolol one of those medications that works immediately? I don't think it is one that has to build up in the system? Does anyone know? This has been great!
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    I was on that for migraines when I was younger. I recall it being fairly fast acting because I had to come off it in less than a week. That's when I learned it's originally a blood pressure medication, and when you already have very low blood pressure, it's not a good thing.
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    Yep. I knew it was originally a blood pressure medication. He has been on it before, but it was years ago and I do not remember the mix of medications he was on then, as I believe that the combinations of medications can make a big difference, positive or negative. Lets keep hoping!
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    It doesn't need to build up and it has a short half life, hence taking it twice a day. I thought 5mg was pretty low. Hopefully, the bump to 10mg is the key.
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    I hope so too. We will keep with it and see. I would hate to raise it, I really don't like having him on a BiPolar (BP) medication, I really don't like having him on 4 medications not counting the melatonin, but the option is just not so good
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    My son has been on Propranolol for migraines for years. I remember that it kicked in very quickly. Here's hoping it's the real deal for your difficult child!
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    Glad to hear it is helping!!
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    That is so great crazy! I hope it continues FOREVER!!!:)

    Does anyone know what the difference between Clonidine and Propanolol is?
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    Propranolol (Inderal) is a beta blocker, Clonidine is an alpha agonist.